Below are the returns of companies featured in last year's Stocks for Mom:

      Stock         Ticker  Fool     Return
Hershey Foods HSY   TMF Buster  27.4%
Alliance Cap. AC    TMF Chris   19.7%
Starbucks     SBUX  TMF Lou2    15.1%
BRE Prop.     BRE   TMF Yorick  11.0%
Ford Motors   F     TMF Selena  -0.7%
First Union   FTU   TMF Otter   -1.0%
eBay          EBAY  TMF Edible -18.5%
Apple Comp.   AAPL  TMF Max    -53.2%
Commerce One  CMRC  TMF Bogey  -81.6%
S&P 500                          -10%

Returns assume the reinvestment of all dividends, and are for the period 5/8/00 through 5/4/01.

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