Mother's Day -- Sunday, May 12 -- is sneaking up on us, but there's still time to show Mom how much you care. After all, when it comes to Moms, you can't rush. They deserve your full, thorough attention -- just like choosing stocks.

Lucky for you, it's time for our annual Stocks for Mom feature. We know Moms always want to provide for their families, and we can't think of a better way to invest in a family's long-term future than with common stocks. So, as usual, we asked our writers what companies they might tell their own mothers to research further as they build their portfolios.

We hope you'll get some stock ideas for yourself here, too, but remember: You don't take your Mom lightly, so don't take your stock-picking lightly, either. Use these as ideas for further research and do your own homework.

If your Mom would like some more in-depth stock ideas and company research to sink her teeth into, why not give her a subscription to The Motley Fool Select? Or, if she's not the stock-picking type but could use an independent voice to help her with the family's finances, consider giving her TMF Money Advisor, where she can talk to an unbiased advisor to help sort out all that financial advice you're always giving her.

Here are this year's Stocks for Mom:

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