August 14 is now CEO Certification Day, with business leaders at 1,000 of the largest companies in America on the hook to sign off on their financial statements.

The SEC's mandate to CEOs was crystal clear: Know your numbers. Have all debts been disclosed? Are booked revenues a true reflection of collected revenues? Have all those executive loans been reported? Investors across the world are wondering if our CEOs can take personal responsibility for the public accounts of their business.

But who would Fools be if we weren't willing to turn the tables? So we're asking you... can YOU certify your personal financial statements? Are your numbers clear and accurate?

In that spirit, we present a five-step plan to make your finances pass muster. Our work below is designed to help you sign off on your financial statements with confidence. Proceed and prosper. -- Tom Gardner

Step 1: Begin With Your Balance Sheet

Step 2: Stalk Your Inner Spendthrift

Step 3: Set Clear Goals

Step 4: Save on Autopilot

Step 5: Make Cuts That Count

Certify Your Results

If you want personalized help certifying your finances, TMF Money Advisor is always there for unconflicted advice.