"Two-thirds of Americans own their homes, and for most of us, that home will be the largest percentage of our lifetime net worth -- and the largest debt we ever take on. With every media outlet screaming 'housing bubble,' we take notice." -- Is Real Estate Safe, by Tom Jacobs

Its price can't be tracked on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis. It doesn't have P/E or get any kind of analyst coverage. Yet your home -- if you own it -- is probably the biggest asset in your personal portfolio. Home may be where the heart is, but it's also where a lot of your net worth resides. Though we don't necessarily like to consider homes as investments -- since they're purchased for many other reasons than capital appreciation -- there is a large financial element to being part of the landed gentry.

But just as there are many dollars involved, so are there many quandaries. How do you get the most moxie from your mortgage? Should you refinance, and how? What are the tax advantages of being a homeowner? How can you use the equity in your home? How do you maintain the upkeep of your castle?

Have no fear, Fool. We've compiled the best of our abode-related articles, and packaged it nice and pretty for you. (Consider it a house-warming gift.)

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