You know how we feel about Wise guys around here. But poor Carmela Soprano kicked off the fourth season of the hit HBO series wondering about her family's financial future. If we can't help her, who can? 

  1. So, your cousin Brian thinks you should look into REITs. No offense, but do you even know what REIT stands for? Here's some basic info on Real Estate Investment Trusts.

  2. We know "paying off debt" might mean something else to the Soprano family. But we've compiled some legal ways to manage your credit. Perhaps Carmela should begin checking her credit record.

  3. A good home, like a good Mafia man -- err, we mean waste management consultant -- isn't bought. It's Made. Save your family big bucks by making the most of record-low mortgage rates and refinance

  4. Retirement planning is about more than just waiting to be whacked. You can aim higher than Green Grove, Carmela. We can help you open an IRA as fast as you can say "bada boom, bada bing."  

  5. Buying stocks in great companies is still the best way to build long-term wealth. Lacking a coherent stock-picking strategy  is one of the "cement shoes" of investing. Lucky for Carmela, our Choosing Stocks online seminar is in session.

  6. It's never too early to start teaching A.J. and Meadow about the power of compounding. Send them over to our Teen Center. Tell them we've got the inside scoop on how to make more than even their parents.

  7. We can make her (money-saving) offers she can't refuse. Capiche?

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