Below are the returns of companies featured in last year's Fool Halloween Special.

Each year we report on the results of our Halloween Tricks and Treats from the previous year. We know that like us, you'd like to see how our picks did. Keep in mind, though, that this isn't a portfolio, and these are rather short-term results. We're pleased that in aggregate these picks beat the market -- but it was a horrendous year for stocks all around.

Try to keep a long-term vision like we do in The Motley Fool Select, and remember that in normal times solid companies may have simply had a bad year, which may prove to be an aberration later. Conversely, some companies may end up in retrospect not having been such clever choices even though they had a good year. So, while it's fun to keep score, bear in mind that, except for shorts, we take the long view, and hope you do, too.

Returns assume the reinvestment of any and all dividends, and are for the period 10/23/01 through 10/24/02.

    10/23/01  10/24/02   Return
1. General Dynamics (GD)  $81.76    81.04   -0.88%
2. Pixar (PIXR)           $39.00    48.15   23.46%

3. eBay (EBAY)            $55.58    62.07  -11.68%
4. Countrywide (CCR)      $41.93    50.29  -19.94%
5. Cepheid (CPHD)          $6.12     4.27   30.23%

TMF Average                 4.24%

S&P 500                 1,084.78   882.50  -18.65%
DJIA                    9,340.08  8317.34  -10.95%
Nasdaq                  1,704.44  1298.71  -23.80%
Wilshire 5000           9,995.24  8312.14  -16.84%

Indexes' Average          -17.56%Authors
1. Paul Larson    (TMF Parlay)
2. Rick Munarriz  (TMF Edible)
3. Robert Brokamp (TMF Bro)
4. Rick Munarriz  (TMF Edible)
5. David Forrest  (TMF Bogey)