We've already introduced you to the top five Feste nominees. It's time to say hello and thank you to the "rest of the best." The truth of the matter is that a few votes swinging in either direction could easily have placed any of these folks in the top five. That's how close the voting was this year. We're very proud to have these Fools as part of our Community, and we fully expect to see them in the running again for the 2003 Feste Award.

In alphabetical order:


Admiraltroll (profile, interview, and most recommended posts):Philip Durell lives in British Columbia with his wife Paulette. He works as a lecturer at the Marine Campus in North Vancouver. In case you didn't catch on, Admiraltroll has some pretty fancy nautical skills. He spends a great deal of his time on the Foolish Collective discussion board, helping people to learn about investing. If you haven't checked it out, or his postings, you don't know what you're missing.

Foobar73 (profilemost recommended posts): We consider Foobar73 an unsung hero in the Fool Community, and we're happy people are finally starting to sing! A very prolific poster on a wide variety of boards, Foobar73 spends a great deal of time on the Ask a Foolish Question board, always ready to lend a helping hand to new and seasoned Fools alike.

Intercst's Dog

Intercst (profile, interview, and most recommended posts): John Greaney is the driving force behind the Retire Early Home Page discussion. Having retired at age 38, he lives in Houston but spends summers in British Columbia, Connecticut, or wherever he darn well likes. That's the great thing about being retired early, right? John's life passion is to do as little as possible and not have to report to anyone. All we can say is we're jealous. Each day, he teaches new Fools how to approach the pursuit of early retirement.


LeBeancountiere (profile, most recommended posts): David DuWaldt is a two-person volleyball champ at the Huntington Beach Pier in Huntington Beach, Calif. When not viciously spiking the ball into the sand, LeBean finds time to do some actual bean counting on the side. He values the intelligent people with whom he interacts in the Fool Community. Like Admiraltroll, he spends a great deal of time at the Foolish Collective board. (Do you see a theme developing?)



LQueiros (profileinterview, and most recommended posts): Laura Queiros is the Fool Community resident expert on Portugal. While she lives in the northeast of the U.S. with her husband, three cats, a dog, and a horse, she spends the summer months in a family home in Portugal. She also loves to travel elsewhere when the opportunity arises. Her penchant for travel and her financial focus make her an excellent contributor to our Living Below Your Means board, the Travel board, and most recently on our Cheap Air Fares discussion.