Wynn Resorts is one of the steadiest companies in gaming, using a strong balance sheet and calculated expansion to grow shareholder value. Unlike gaming companies historically, Wynn also pays a sizable dividend with the occasional special dividend to reward shareholders. This conservative nature won't make Wynn the best-performing stock when times are good, but the flip side is that the stock won't be the worst performer in bad times. In the up-and-down world of gaming, that's worth something for investors.

In the long term, the focus on cash flow and conservative operations combined with a new resort on Cotai that could double revenue and EBITDA make Wynn one of the most attractive stocks in gaming. Investors with the patience to buy on dips in the stock price will be rewarded, because by the time Wynn's Cotai resort is fully operational in 2016, it's possible the stock could double or triple in value without breaking a sweat.