Calling All Fools!
...time to post your company preferences

by Jeff Fischer (TMFJeff)

ALEXANDRIA, VA (Oct. 27, 1998) -- Today, as actually happens frequently, Fools around the country are providing the bulk of the "material" for this column. Two weeks ago we asked you to vote on what our next industry of study should be and the winner was oils. Now the question is, "Which companies do you want to focus on?"

And please don't be bashful. If you want us to include with the typical integrated oil companies (Exxon, Chevron and BP) other energy companies or oil drillers, or any related energy and utility powerhouses, just let us know. As always, mob rule will decide the exact focus that we take in our study.

Please post which companies you'd like us to study, and, if your list varies beyond integrated oils, please list other companies under their respective niche in the energy world. One Fool, diceboy1, already compiled a full list of oil companies with DRPs for us to consider, and he even went so far as to asterisk those which have fees with their plans. To see that list of oil possibilities, click here. Thanks, diceboy!

So, please post your company preferences (related to oil and tangential energy industries) beginning today on the Drip Companies message board. The 10 to 20 companies that win the most votes will receive our attention over the coming months. Please title your post descriptively, such as "My Foolish Stock List."

Thanks! See you out there. Fool on!

--Jeff Fischer

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The portfolio began with $500 on July 28, 1997, adds $100 on the 1st of every month, and the goal is to have $150,000 in stock by August of the year 2017.

**Transactions in progress:
09/21/98: Sent $77 to buy/enroll in MEL.
10/24/98: Sent $40 to buy more INTC.
10/26/98: Sending $60 to buy more JNJ.