One Day Remaining!
Plus, Intel nears new 52-week high

by Jeff Fischer (TMFJeff)

ALEXANDRIA, VA (Nov. 4, 1998) -- We finalize the list of oil and gas companies that we're studying on Friday. If you haven't added your choices and they're not on the following list, you have one more day to post them on the message board. The current list is as follows, with two additions on the end since last week:

British Petroleum
Occidental Petroleum
Atlantic Richfield
USX/Marathon Group
Apache Corp.
Amerada Hess
Baker Hughes
Ashland Inc.

Please post any additional oil and gas companies (with DRPs) that you wish to study on the Drip Companies message board. Remember, following this study we're going to decide on our favorite company and then compare it and its industry to other energy-related industries and giants (such as Duke, Enron, etc.) to see if any company can oust our oil pick by being more attractive. In this way, we'll learn about two or more industries in a logical, organized fashion, and we'll be able to pit them against each other with diligence underfoot.

Other than posting your favorite oil and gas possibilities now, please also post any knowledge that you have about them and the industry. We've begun to receive posts from Fools everywhere, including this post which provides a fine overview. Check that out, and the other posts on this board, as we gear up to begin the study.

Fools are also posting, as consumers, their favorite gasoline providers (Exxon, Amoco, Mobil). The value of information regarding brand preference --- which is better described as "experience preference," because you tend to patronize the places where you've had the best experiences -- shouldn't be underestimated even for these integrated giants. If you have any preferences, share them, and tell us why. Brian, for example, likes to patronize the Exxon on a major corner near Fool HQ, because it offers convenient exits to three streets. He can easily fill his tank and flee without paying. (There's a reason he calls himself "TMF Panic.")

So, only one day remains to post your favorite companies for us to review (and we're not picky during this phase -- any company related to oil and gas, from exploring to drilling to producing to just selling is welcome), and also please post any knowledge that you care to share, or simply your personal preferences regarding the companies listed above (where do you shop? and why?). Here's the message board: Post on Me.

To close, today Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) ended just shy of a new 52-week high. The company is currently demonstrating prototypes of computers that are meant to make computing even easier. We'll hear of Intel's "Aztec" computer with increased frequency in the future.

Finally, the promised Dueling Fools on Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) is available today. Did Brian "the gas thief" win this duel, or did the other Duelist? The vote is yours to make. And after reading the Duel, be sure to visit the Dueling Fools message board to comment and set both Duelists straight!

Fool on!

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11/04/98 Close

Stock Close Change CPB 56 15/16 + 15/16 INTC 94 13/16 + 4 7/16 JNJ 81 7/8 - 5/16
Day Month Year History Drip 2.11% 3.99% 21.23% 3.24% S&P 500 0.70% 1.82% 15.28% 17.59% Nasdaq 1.96% 2.95% 16.13% 14.42% Last Rec'd Total # Security In At Current 09/02/98 8.027 CPB $52.867 $56.938 09/01/98 9.727 INTC $80.238 $94.813 10/07/98 7.850 JNJ $71.405 $81.875 Last Rec'd Total # Security In At Value Change 09/02/98 8.027 CPB $424.36 $457.04 $32.68 09/01/98 9.727 INTC $780.50 $922.27 $141.77 10/07/98 7.850 JNJ $560.53 $642.72 $82.19 Base: $2100.00 Cash: $286.08** Total: $2308.11

The Drip Portfolio has been divided into 89.430 shares with an average purchase price of $23.482 per share.

The portfolio began with $500 on July 28, 1997, adds $100 on the 1st of every month, and the goal is to have $150,000 in stock by August of the year 2017.

**Transactions in progress:
09/21/98: Sent $77 to buy/enroll in MEL.
10/24/98: Sent $40 to buy more INTC.
10/26/98: Sending $60 to buy more JNJ.