We'll announce all stock purchases -- both new buys and additional investments in current holdings -- one week before the check is mailed. Then, as soon as we have a confirmed price on any purchase we'll share it in the recap and in the daily numbers.

Rest assured that no stock purchase will be a surprise to anyone. In fact, every reader of the daily recaps will know well before even the regular week-prior announcements that we plan to make a new purchase and what we're purchasing; and you'll also know the particular holding into which any additional monthly funds is being invested, well beforehand, each month. That's because the daily recaps will openly discuss and analyze any possible new buys and additional investments before any decision is made. The decision-making process and the reasons behind it will be shared in the recaps as we go along. THEN the announcement will be made one week before the check is mailed.

It's all about openness, good Fool! And if you happen to disagree with why we're buying a particular stock, you'll have plenty of time to send us email and share your thoughts -- many of which we'll highlight and discuss in the recaps.

If we were EVER to sell a stock -- which we're hoping to avoid -- the sell would be announced one week in advance as well. Additionally, it would be discussed thoroughly in the recaps beforehand, and the full reasoning given and supported. And don't worry. If Randy wanted to sell a stock merely in order to soup up his car speakers -- no dice. It wouldn't be allowed.

All decisions will be weighed and finally decided upon online, in the recaps, and then formally announced one week before a check is mailed, or before a sell order -- gasp! -- is placed.

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