Every Thursday before they wander out of the office for an evening of pizza and garlic bread, the Fools responsible for this blissful long-term project will pen a Pulitzer Prize caliber Drip investing column. That's the other goal of the Drip Portfolio, by the way: To win the Pulitzer Prize within 20 years, and then publish all of the columns in a giant 683,900 page volume.

The once weekly column will be posted at Fool.com in the afternoon. That means that by the time you come home from work, have dinner, tuck the kids in, pop up a batch of popcorn, and finally get online, you'll be able to see how the portfolio is doing and what we're strategizing. The bulk of your family will gather around the computer and gaze at the monitor in bewilderment: "Oh, not such a good column today," your spouse will say.

The columns themselves of course have a goal: TO TEACH. To teach WHY we buy certain stocks and decide against others. To discuss how to best Drip invest, and how not to. To dissect earnings reports, corporate press releases and strategies.

Why, you ask?

Initially to teach why we're investing in each company, and then later to reiterate and teach what we like about these companies, and what you should look for in a great company as well. We'll also talk about the specifics of what we don't like regarding our holdings, but what makes a GREAT company overall, and therefore a GREAT long-term investment.

We'll also discuss where we're putting each month's funds -- and why. Why we might buy more General Electric one month, for example, rather than put the money into more Schering-Plough. Each month will be different.

We're going to discuss, in-depth, the buy possibilities well before we buy them, dissecting the many ways to value companies before buying them; and then again dissecting the companies that we own as their quarterly earnings reports give us a fresh "snapshot" to focus upon.

The overall Foolish goal of the daily recap is to offer a little insight each day, some value, some progress. And we have plenty of time over which to do this, and we know how busy all of you Fools are, so each recap will be brief. We have so many varying topics to cover that each will be taken individually and be made into one four to six paragraph recap each day. Some progress will be made every day.

So our goal -- aside from beating the market by 50% per year over the next twenty years -- is to have all of us come out of this venture with more useful knowledge and know-how about companies and investing than even a Fool ever thought possible. And the money to show for it, too.

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