On September 8th, 1997, the Drip Portfolio made its first purchase as it bought one share of Intel Corp. at a split-adjusted $47.96. The money was sent to purchase the share and enroll in Intel's DRP plan during the final week of August. A graph above will reflect the stock's performance over the coming years, beginning from the portfolio's decision to start buying the company. The collection of articles linked here takes you through the thought process leading to the purchase.

Intel Reference

Intel DRIP Information
Intel Snapshot

08/19/97 - Buy Announcement

For full rationale behind the purchase, please see the collection of recaps on Intel leading to the decision.

Fool on!

*The Intel purchase was announced in the third week of August, and the check was mailed that week, but the actual purchase was not made until September 9, 1997. With DRP investing, the purchases take a bit more time. Luckily, we're not in a hurry!