Drip Portfolio Buys Intel
Intel is #1...or is it?
August 22, 1997

Is Intel the number one stock ever -- or an accident waiting to happen? As the first purchase in the Motley Fool's Drip Portfolio, Intel has been the subject of a lot of debate over the past week. In report after report, Drip Portfolio honchos Randy Befumo and Jeff Fischer discussed and finally settled on Intel, with the purchase formally announced on Tuesday, August 19, in Jeff's portfolio update.

In the listbox to the right, you'll find the portfolio reports leading up to the purchase and some other good sources for information on the stock. It's not too late to start investing in the Drip Portfolio. In fact, it will never be too late as the whole point of the Drip Portfolio is to make regular monthly investments in the same companies over long periods of time. So, read these five recaps, get out your pencil or spreadsheet, and decide for yourself whether or not Intel makes sense for you.