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...Fool hopping for the weekend

by Jeff Fischer (TMFJeff)

ALEXANDRIA, VA (Oct. 16, 1998) -- If you had to guess, which way did the stock market go this week? Up, or down?

It's been volatile enough that you could say either and, simply by stretching your time frame by a few days, or by shortening it, you'd be correct in spades.

But this week, the answer is up.

During 32.5 hours of market activity the S&P gained 7.3% and the Nasdaq toned up 8.6% (these two indices have diverged frequently this year, but not much this time). The Fool Port swayed to the music, gaining 9.2%.

The week was hoppin' with news. KLA-Tencor, Iomega, 3Dfx and International Paper announced earnings. On Tuesday, Paul Larson covered "Paper" and listed all of the coming Fool Port earnings. If you're curious when Amazon, AOL, or Innovex report... or Starbucks, then give Tuesday a look. On Thursday, Louis Corrigan covered the earnings from Iomega and 3Dfx, and touched on KLA-Tencor. He also shared Foolish thoughts on baseball in relation to investing.

Today, the Fool has written conference call summaries for both 3Dfx and Iomega (plus, an audio version of Iomega's call can be heard at Summaries of other conference calls, including Intel and Carlisle Companies, can be found in the Fool's conference call synopses area. If you want to know what your companies are doing, the quarterly conference call is likely the most information that you'll obtain in one sitting. For your personal holdings, call your companies to learn how you can hear their conference calls. More and more firms are supplying an audio version on the Internet, and a recording is often available by phone, too.

As much news as there was this week, a Fool could easily slide through it all (say you're in Venice and you don't care who announces earnings) and be better than fine. After seeing results from Iomega (NYSE: IOM) and 3Dfx (Nasdaq: TDFX) (and even KLA-Tencor) that were more or less what was expected, and after summarizing the conference calls, my initial thought is that nothing has changed. We're hoping that both Iomega and 3Dfx report strong fourth quarters, and as management shared in the conference calls, both companies ended the third quarter strongly, as customers began to stock for the busy end of the year.

Meanwhile, for all the hoopla that surrounds earnings reports, one mere report should rarely change your stance on any investment -- especially if you've read the 13 Steps and are investing for Foolish reasons. So as busy as the week was with news, it wasn't very busy. The weekend... now there's a better focus!

This weekend Tom and David and a Foolish entourage are in Seattle, where they're broadcasting the Fool Radio Show on Saturday. The third hour of the show will feature an interview with the CEO of Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX), Mr. Howard Schultz. Be certain to listen if you can! The Fool Radio Show is always a riot. Hey, can I announce this breaking news? Sure. Our head Radio Show Fool, Mac, is in Seattle, so I can share this without repercussion until Monday: As if the CEO of Starbucks isn't enough, a future Fool Radio Show will feature Ed McMahon (YES!), and for a Halloween show -- Elvira.

What, you can't hear the Fool Radio Show in your area? Click on our Fool radio show information page to find out how you might hear the Fools each Saturday. Also, you can read excerpts from past shows on our website, behind that link.

Speaking of interviews, the Fool will be interviewing Iomega's President, Mr. Jim Sierk, next Wednesday. If you have questions for Iomega, please post them on the Iomega message board. For the latest from Mr. Sierk, please see today's conference call summary.

Finally, check out the latest incarnations of (Nasdaq: AMZN), one in German and one specifically for the UK. The beauty of a Web-based business is that you can translate your technology into any language, to fit any market. You don't need to scope out major cities and begin the building process all over again in another country. In fact, in our case, the Fool UK operates out of a couple basements in the countryside of England. Maybe four or five basements somewhere. We don't even know. (Kidding.)

Amazon has actually set up a warehouse in Merry Old England, and offices in Munich.

For more Foolish reading, Cash-King is talking Dell Computer, Bore is talking valuation, and Drip is considering what's ahead next week, including its new study. And give a look to the Fool's investment tax guide. Maybe it could help you?

Fool on!

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10/16/98 Close

Stock Change Bid ---------------- AMZN +2 3/8 99.44 AOL -3 5/8 102.00 T - 15/16 60.50 DJT + 1/16 3.25 DD +3 7/8 64.25 XON + 5/16 75.94 INVX + 1/16 11.06 IP +1 5/16 47.25 IOM + 3/16 3.88 KLAC --- 26.81 LU +1 1/2 72.25 SBUX +1 1/2 37.94 COMS + 21/32 31.59 TDFX + 1/2 11.00
Day Month Year History Annualized FOOL +0.48% -3.83% 37.16% 360.31% 43.87% S&P: +0.85% 3.88% 8.86% 130.46% 22.01% NASDAQ: +0.62% -4.30% 3.22% 125.08% 21.32% Rec'd # Security In At Now Change 8/5/94 710 AmOnline 3.64 102.00 2704.94% 9/9/97 580 19.11 99.44 420.32% 10/1/96 84 LucentTech 23.81 72.25 203.47% 5/17/95 1960 Iomega Cor 1.28 3.88 202.64% 4/30/97 -1170*Trump* 8.47 3.25 61.62% 8/12/96 130 AT&T 39.58 60.50 52.86% 2/20/98 200 Exxon 64.09 75.94 18.49% 2/20/98 215 DuPont 59.83 64.25 7.38% 2/20/98 270 Int'l Pape 47.69 47.25 -0.93% 7/2/98 235 Starbucks 55.91 37.94 -32.14% 8/13/96 250 3Com Corp. 46.86 31.59 -32.58% 8/24/95 130 KLA-Tencor 44.71 26.81 -40.03% 1/8/98 425 3Dfx 25.67 11.00 -57.14% 6/26/97 325 Innovex 27.71 11.06 -60.08% Rec'd # Security In At Value Change 8/5/94 710 AmOnline 2581.87 72420.00 $69838.13 9/9/97 580 11084.24 57673.75 $46589.51 4/30/97 -1170*Trump* -9908.50 -3802.50 $6106.00 5/17/95 1960 Iomega Cor 2509.60 7595.00 $5085.40 10/1/96 84 LucentTech 1999.88 6069.00 $4069.12 8/12/96 130 AT&T 5145.11 7865.00 $2719.89 2/20/98 200 Exxon 12818.00 15187.50 $2369.50 2/20/98 215 DuPont 12864.25 13813.75 $949.50 2/20/98 270 Int'l Pape 12876.75 12757.50 -$119.25 8/24/95 130 KLA-Tencor 5812.49 3485.63 -$2326.87 8/13/96 250 3Com Corp. 11715.99 7898.44 -$3817.55 7/2/98 235 Starbucks 13138.63 8915.31 -$4223.31 6/26/97 325 Innovex 9005.62 3595.31 -$5410.31 1/8/98 425 3Dfx 10908.63 4675.00 -$6233.63 CASH $12005.75 TOTAL $230154.44

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