State of the Union

By Harry Jones

(January 22, 1999) -- It's been a busy week and I haven't much followed the stock market, what with the President's news taking the headlines most nights. Lucinda does like to watch the evening news. It comes on at 10:00 p.m. here and lasts until The Tonight Show, which she might watch depending on the guests. If Garth Brooks is on, she'll watch the entire show. Many times she hears the guests and turns it off and reads or writes. She likes to write letters. She wrote one during the President's State of the Union address this week. She nodded her head and wrote a letter to her sister, too. I just listened to it.

This afternoon the dog and I were out checking the irrigation where we could, making sure it wasn't cracked-frozen. You have to blow out all the pipes each winter completely. You can't have any water in there come the first freeze. For the first time in weeks, today I was able to look at some pipes where the snow and ice was gone. And for the first time in months, it seems, we had a winter sun in the sky this evening and it went down like orange fire, streaking the sky gold as far as you could see. I watched it, and the dog did, too. It's going to be a clear, sharp, cold few days when you see something like that in January.

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