Spinach with Panache

by Harry Jones

(February 19, 1999) -- "Don't Panic Eat Organic." We've talked about that saying before.

Organic spinach sells for $6.99 a pound compared to normal spinach that sells at about $1.29 to $1.69 a pound. You'll notice a difference in the look of the spinach. The leaves of organic spinach are about one-third the size of the leaves of non-organic spinach. Those fertilizers really cause growth. Organic spinach is a lighter green and the leaves are softer, too, and they're rounded. Non-organic spinach has a rougher leaf, is darker green, and has more jagged edges.

In taste, organic has an edge. Saut� it in virgin olive oil with light garlic. That's good spinach. It's grown slowly and naturally (no inflated growth process involved with that spinach), so it's more valuable in the end. It's stronger and more reliable, too, than spinach that's grown unnaturally and quickly. That's why you pay more for it.

The S&P 500 rose 0.15% on Friday.

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