by Harry Jones

(February 26, 1999) -- We've got cats. They're in the old barn. I haven't been out there for a spell, but this week when I finished walking the property lines I stopped in. We don't use this barn anymore except to store old junk that we don't use anymore. I heard the sounds and knew right away there were cats. I found a family of them. Kittens and a mother.

The cats probably know enough to stay away from the house and the other barn where the dogs roam. I hope they do. If Lucinda sees them she'll want one. She's already got a tabby cat that stays in the house. Just one. She wants another one.

I don't. Cats are freeloaders. They don't protect anything. They don't do much of anything. I know Lucinda loves the cat because he gives her comfort and sleeps in the bed. But I argue that he doesn't reward her in any other ways. The dogs play ball with you, protect the property, and even do some work without you asking (digging out animals in the ground). Cats will catch mice, but wild cats do that just fine. You don't need to keep a cat in your house and feed it every day hoping that it'll catch mice. It'll mainly freeload. Cats don't earn their keep like dogs do. Dogs earn it. Cats get elusive when you want to call them to task.

The S&P 500 lost 0.58% on Friday.

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