Checking the Market like a Hockey Player

by Irv

(April 14, 1999) -- Between work tasks, I came in to check the computer and see what stocks were doing. I have a habit checking the market that Harry doesn't, but I enjoy it so I don't consider it a bad habit. I don't act on what the market is doing.

Good thing. Because today I couldn't tell what it was doing. I came in this morning and thought that it was up sharply. A few hours later, I saw it was down sharply. I wondered if I'd read it wrong earlier. Later in the day half the market was up and the other half -- the other indices -- were down, both sharply. In the end, I don't even know what ended where, and I see no benefit to having checked during the day.

So, let's see. The Nasdaq and S&P were down quite a bit. The Dow was up some. Well, that's all I needed to know -- if that. I didn't need to check throughout the day, of course. I'll try to break that habit. It should be easy. I don't check my truck's oil but every six months or so. And I'm just doing my taxes tonight. I haven't checked to see those numbers yet.

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04/14/99 Close

Stock Change Close SPY -2 9/32 133.16
Day Month Year History HARRY -1.68% 3.72% 4.33% 4.33% S&P: -1.58% 3.28% 8.08% 8.08% NASDAQ: -2.94% 1.86% 14.36% 14.36% Rec'd # Security In At Now Change 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 127.63 133.16 4.33% Rec'd # Security In At Value Change 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 2042.00 2130.50 $88.50 CASH $0.00 TOTAL $2130.50 Yesterday Today Change S&P Depos 135.44 133.16 SPY -2 9/32


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