In December 1998, the name of the Fool Portfolio was officially changed to the Rule Breaker Portfolio. There are a few reasons for the change.

First, the new name best reflects this portfolio's investment strategy, as explained in our Rule Breaker Principles. Second, there are now a handful of real-money stock portfolios on the Motley Fool, not just one, as was the case when we began in 1994. Calling any one Motley Fool portfolio the Fool Portfolio, when all five portfolios on the Fool are viable investment alternatives, isn't accurate. Each of the real-money portfolios on the Fool are "Fool Portfolios" -- all are meant to teach about investing and beating the market.

Nothing else has changed with the former Fool Port. Just the name. Well, that and we now explain our investment style more accurately (we hope!). For more information about this portfolio, please read the Rule Breaker Principles linked above. And for much more about Rule Breaking (to gain the best understanding of the Rule Breaker Portfolio), consider David and Tom Gardner's new book, Rule Breakers, Rule Makers. This Simon & Schuster beauty doesn't arrive until January, but you can reserve your copy today.