Three-day weekend! Woo hoo! I just thought I'd remind everyone that Monday is a holiday on Wall Street. That means no trading on Monday and that the flood of new Foolish content posted every trading day will slow to a trickle. Thanks go out to Abe and George for giving us hardworking Fools a day off.

It was just one of those days for the portfolio again today. Actually, it wasn't that bad a day thanks to biotechnology Rule Breaker Celera Genomics (NYSE: CRA). The stock managed to swim against the market's downward tide and rise another 6% or so to close very near its all-time high.

Near the lunchtime hour the Rule Breaker portfolio came *this* far away from having a new largest position. For the last three years or so, two stocks have come to dominate the Rule Breaker portfolio -- America Online (NYSE: AOL) and (Nasdaq: AMZN). Now, ironically, the newest stock in the portfolio has quickly become among the largest. Celera Genomics now makes up over 25% of the Rule Breaker portfolio's value and could, if current trends persist, easily bypass AOL any day now as the largest Rule Breaker.

Celera is certainly the best-performing new stock that this portfolio has ever seen. It was two months ago yesterday that Celera was added to the Rule Breaker portfolio at a cost of $79.513 per share. At its high today (pull up a quote), Celera was a four-bagger for the Rule Breaker. Of course, the short-term performance is fairly amazing and fun to talk about, but we're all long-term investors here at the Fool. We're not going to be selling Celera anytime soon.

Selling the Foolish Four

We will be selling something soon. Jeff let the cat out of the bag yesterday concerning the Foolish Four, but I thought it was news worth reiterating. Next week, the Rule Breaker Portfolio will be selling the Foolish Four as the mechanical strategy tells us to do, but the funds from the sales won't be rolled over into new Dow doggies. The four stocks that will be sold are Chevron (NYSE: CHV), DuPont (NYSE: DD), Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT), and Goodyear (NYSE: GT). That's right, the portfolio is making a bold step toward becoming a pure Rule Breaker portfolio.

I think this decision is a good one for a few reasons. First, the Foolish Four strategy has for the last 14 months had its very own real-money portfolio with its own daily recaps. Before that, there was a daily column on the strategy sans real money. In other words, the Foolish Four strategy is more than adequately covered in other Foolish columns.

Second, the Foolish Four strategy and the Rule Breaker strategy are on totally opposite ends of the investing spectrum. The Foolish Four is meant as a low-maintenance way to try to beat the market. It is intended for those who want to spend only a handful of hours each year thinking about their investments. On the other hand, researching and investing in Rule Breaker companies requires a great deal of time and is an inherently risky strategy.

I think it's safe to say that investors just getting their feet wet with the Foolish Four should probably have nothing to do with these relatively unpredictable and volatile Rule Breakers, and those investors who are confident and experienced enough to take the calculated risk of investing in Rule Breakers probably have little to zero interest in the Foolish Four strategy. Trying to teach the two strategies together makes about as much sense as mixing Martha Stewart (NYSE: MSO) content with that of the World Wrestling Federation (Nasdaq: WWFE). (Is there anything you can't buy an equity stake in today?)

Anyway, those following this portfolio in the future will be treated to all Rule Breakers, all the time.

Two new products

This week was a big week for The Motley Fool, since we launched an exciting new area. In case you haven't noticed, we're now offering individual company research. That means we're making slick new reports that have everything from historical financials, news timelines, forward earnings models, and, of course, plenty of Foolish commentary and insight. For a free sample report about Rule Breaker Amazon, click here.

Our Foolish research is also very attractively priced compared to similar reports you could get elsewhere. For $99 you get a year's worth of access to every company report we publish. That's about the cost of one trade at a full-service brokerage firm, which is where the vast majority of today's stock research is still produced. Moreover, if you look at how much it costs to buy individual reports elsewhere, you could easily spend $99 on a single report of much less quality. Hopefully, for a nominal amount, we will save investors lots of time in getting up to speed on companies they are interested in and will make "doing homework" much easier.

A second product that is about to launch is David's Rule Breaker seminar. A similar seminar was given by Tom Gardner concerning Rule Makers last year, and it was great fun. Everyone involved (including the teacher and his faithful assistants) learned a bunch. We're looking forward to interacting with everyone who takes the Rule Breaking "class" later this month.

Of course, we still have boatloads of content here available for free, and that will never change. Take our hold-no-punches Foolish news, the other insightful investing strategies, our Fool's School learning area, the newly expanded retirement area, and the most civil message boards in cyberspace.

Finally, did you get those W-2s and 1099s in the mail recently? Wondering if you will be getting a refund or writing a big check come April? We here at the Fool have an awesome tax area with extensive information about paying Uncle Sam. Click here to check it out.

Have a great long weekend, Fools!