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To your right are the 11 Steps to Investing in Rule Maker Stocks. The steps review how to locate superior large-cap growth stocks, how to evaluate their financial standing, and how to build a portfolio around them.

These articles are born out of the performance of a group of stocks presented in July, 1995 in Fooldom. The selection of those stocks reinforces the idea that individuals should have at least a portion of their portfolio dedicated to rock-solid companies that they plan not to sell for 5-10 years or longer.

That buy-and-hold model limits the commission-, tax- and opportunity-costs of investing. And performance? The group of ten stocks offered back in July, 1995 have risen 199.7% versus S&P 500 growth of 74.5%. Those returns outperform 99% of all mutual funds on the market -- particularly when all costs to the fund are included.

So, Fool, dive in. Read through the steps. And drop a note in the Rule Maker folder if you have any questions.

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The Rule Maker Eleven Steps:

Step 1: The Rule Maker Philosophy
Step 2: Mastering Your Personal Finances
Step 3: Allocating Your Savings Money
Step 4: Finding Rule Maker Investment Ideas
Step 5: Getting Information on Your Companies
Step 6: The Rule Maker Criteria
Step 7: QuaVa: Quality vs. Valuation
Step 8: Company Ownership and Partnership
Step 9: Putting It All Together
Step 10: A Rule Maker Retirement
Step 11: Where to Get Answers

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