So, you've read our investment criteria, and it strikes a chord with you. You even have a few companies in mind that may be Rule Makers. But you need a tool to expedite the process of evaluating these prospects.

That's why we created a couple of Rule Maker spreadsheets -- available for free! If your computer is loaded with Microsoft Excel, then you'll soon be sorting out the Makers from the Fakers with a few strokes of the keyboard. We have two spreadsheets, one for beginners and one for advanced RM investors. Read the following descriptions to see which one best suits you. To download, simply right-click the download link of choice, then choose "save as" and choose a destination folder on your computer. (Left-clicking will open the spreadsheet in your browser. From there, to save, choose "save as" from the "File" menu.)

Rule Maker Essentials
This sheet will help you evaluate companies using the eleven investment criteria outlined in Rule Maker Step 6. If you're new to the Rule Maker way of investing, Rule Maker Essentials is the spreadsheet for you.

Rule Maker Ranker
The eleven criteria in Rule Maker Step 6 aren't the only means for evaluating potential Rule Makers. In David and Tom Gardner's book Rule Breakers, Rule Makers, Tom offers a more comprehensive method of measuring a company's Rule-Making authority. If you've read the book or are a veteran of Rule Maker investing, you'll prefer the Rule Maker Ranker which allows you to quickly assess a company's Rule Making stature vis-a-vis up to three competitors.