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Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller


Amanda Miller Luciano is a professional business writer, freelancer and real estate agent based in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Recent articles

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Timeshare companies could take a lesson from the online resale market.

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Less competition from institutional investors and fresh inventory fueled by growing equity could alleviate buyer stress.

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Millennials will be a hard sell for the vacation ownership industry, especially with the rise of sites like VRBO, Airbnb, and HomeAway.

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A new report shows solar combined with battery storage will be cost-competitive in some markets well before utilities pay off new power generation investments.

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Investors Are Looking for Clean Energy Options

Investors interested in clean energy and socially responsible portfolios could be driving innovative financing options for the solar industry.

The Future of Home Values and Inner-City Schools

School choice, fewer families, and Millenials who value walkability above all else could shift real estate values away from traditionally good school districts.

2 Reasons House Flipping Is Plummeting

Market shifts have made it nearly impossible for flippers to buy properties at the right price.

Will Power Companies Embrace the Home Solar Panel Trend?

Instead of fighting net metering policies, smart utilities are investing in distributed generation

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Halloween spending and costume trends could indicate brewing economic optimism.

Why There May Not Be More Single-Family REIT IPOs

As quickly as the market conditions shifted to open the window for regular investors to buy into new single-family REITs, they have probably blown it shut.