Jim Baumer

Jim Baumer


Jim covers consumer goods and news for Fool.com. You can follow him on Twitter at @jbomb62.

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A Win for Publishers at Book Expo America

Why do journalists keep writing the same story about print and its demise? Book Expo America 2014 offered a variation on their tired narrative.

Sneaking Up on the Competition

Skechers' decision to ink Meb Keflezighi to an endorsement deal is paying dividends after his unexpected first place finish in the Boston Marathon.

Getting the Sugar Out: Big Soda’s Attempts at Healthier Drinks Yielding Mixed Results

Panic over sugar in America has become pervasive. Sugar is now the new bogeyman for health activists and health-conscious consumers. In 2012, market-research firm Mintel asked consumers which ingredients or foods they were trying to avoid—sugar topped the list—by a wide margin. This is bad news for the big beverage companies, even as many of them have attempted to be proactive about the growing concerns about sweetened drinks. What are drink makers doing to offset these fears?

Profiting From Peanut Butter

The story of Hormel Foods is much more than merely SPAM; the nearly 125-year-old Minnesota-based maker of meat and other food products is showing it knows how to bring home the bacon for investors through diversification and forward-thinking leadership.

The Unspoken Truth About Payday Lenders

Payday lenders exist because they meet a need in the marketplace—mainly gaps in lending services that traditional lenders like banks don’t. It’s the age-old story of supply and demand.

Why Buying a Purely American Vehicle Is Trickier Than It Seems

At one time, it was a given that buying a Ford, General Motors, or Chrysler product meant you were choosing an American-made vehicle, but what's on the grill might surprise you when it comes to finding a vehicle made in America.

This Is Not Your Childhood Drugstore Anymore

America's drugstore market is dominated by three major chains. Drugstores have also evolved, and today's drugstore serves consumers' needs in a more comprehensive way than ever before.

Tablet Wars: Who Will Win This Holiday Season

Tablets continue to grow in popularity. Using his own search for the best tablet option for his personal technology needs, Motley Fool freelancer, Jim Baumer, tracks the elusive holiday tablet.