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Jake Mann

Jake Mann


Jake Mann covers sports, economics and politics for the Motley Fool.

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Did This Ad Goof Just Reveal the Fate of 'The Dodgers Network'?

Time Warner Cable is quietly building an exclusive TV network for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Did an ad goof just accidentally reveal its fate?

Could Notre Dame's Under Armour Deal Be Worth $100 Million?

Notre Dame's athletic department is reportedly on the verge of signing an equipment deal with Under Armour. Could it be worth $100 million?


The NFL's Concussion Problem: 5 Ways to Address the Issue Before it's Too Late

Concussions are a major problem in the game of football. Here's what one expert thinks should be done about it.

How Lindsey Vonn's Olympics-Ending Injury Can Be Turned Into a Positive

Lindsey Vonn is officially out of this year's Winter Olympics, but that doesn't mean her time in the spotlight is up. There are several ways her sponsors, and even Vonn herself, can work around her injury.


Winners and Losers From the 'Polar Vortex'

The 'polar vortex,' an extremely cold weather system, is smacking the U.S. The winners and losers from this phenomenon might not be the ones you'd expect.


30 Million Reasons the Chicago Bulls Should Amnesty Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer may be playing his last season in Chicago, and there's 30 million reasons the Bulls would be smart to consider letting him go.


How Big Data Could Change Football Forever

One little-known company is injecting "Big Data" into football, from college to the NFL. Here's how it can change the game forever.


Attention Netflix Users! Your Favorite Movies May Be Gone By Jan. 1st

Netflix is canning a number of fan favorites for 2014, including Braveheart and Titanic. The company does have some viable replacements, but there's another, even bigger reason you should be cheering this move: original programming.


Did Aaron Rodgers' Return Boost Bears-Packers Ticket Prices?

Aaron Rodgers is back, and he's ready to lead the Packers against the Bears in a do-or-die battle for the division. Did his return boost ticket prices at Soldier Field, or is something else at play?


How Many Millions Will 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Make?

'The Wolf of Wall Street' has hit American theaters and critics are raving. Can we predict how much money the film will make?


How New Sci-Fi Movie 'Edge of Tomorrow' Went from Comic to Movie and Back

Tom Cruise’s next movie, Edge of Tomorrow, is just around the corner. Here's an exclusive look into how the film's story is being adapted into a comic.


Apple Crushing Google in the Battle for Sports Fans

In the world of sports, Apple's iOS dominates Google's Android in terms of traffic. Why is this happening?


How Much Has Derrick Rose’s Injury Hurt Chicago Bulls Ticket Prices?

Ticket prices for Chicago Bulls' games at the United Center are plunging. The Miami Heat, a key rival, haven't seen a similar phenomenon at AmericanAirlines Arena. What – or who – might be responsible for the difference?


Why Did the Yankees Turn Away Brandon Phillips?

The New York Yankees are synonymous with high-profile, headline-generating moves. So why did they turn away a trade that would have netted them a three-time All-Star?


4 Business Lessons From the Washington Redskins and RG3

The Washington Redskins have been the talk of the NFL this season, and for all the wrong reasons. Within their failures lie four business lessons, and if the team pays attention to them, they can turn the ship around.


How Much Was Texas Willing to Pay Nick Saban?

Nick Saban is already the highest paid coach in college football. How much more was one university willing to pay him?


New Study Paints a Terrifying Picture of the ‘End of Civilization’

The worst part of a nuclear war -- even a limited one -- may not be where the bombs fall. A new study reveals the potentially devastating effects that a "nuclear famine" could have on the planet. How can it be prevented?

1 Can't Miss Insight Into the Battle Between Apple vs Google

In its year-end “State of Mobile Advertising” report, Opera Mediaworks made one very interesting insight into the relationship between Google and Apple.


Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins' $200 Million Problem

The Washington Redskins have been one of the NFL’s worst teams in 2013, but the franchise's value is still climbing. One statistic points to trouble down the road, though, and the potential losses are huge.


Would You Serve Chipotle at Your Wedding? Fast Casual Catering Might Be the Next Big Thing

In the fast casual dining segment, an increasing number of companies have started to cater. Chipotle is one of the newest adopters, joining chains like Qdoba, Panera, and Noodles. Coming soon to a wedding reception near you?