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Jake Mann

Jake Mann


Jake Mann covers sports, economics and politics for the Motley Fool.

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Sabermetrics Show Mariners Were Smart to Make Cano Deal

How can we use advanced metrics to analyze recent mega-deals signed by Jacoby Ellsbury and Robinson Cano?

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Meet Pop Music's Secret Weapon: Bonnie McKee

Is your favorite female pop star Katy Perry, Britney Spears, or Christina Aguilera? How about Ke$ha? All of these singers' successes have been fueled by the underrated Bonnie McKee.


How Chris Hardwick's Talking Dead Is Changing TV

AMC’s zombie thriller The Walking Dead is known for its ability to bring depth to a traditionally one-dimensional niche, but there’s another, even more innovative practice at work here.

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Philadelphia's 3D-Printed Gun Ban May Lead to More Government Regulation

What does Philadelphia's ban of 3D-printed guns mean for the future in 3D printing?


Olympic Sponsorships Are a Multi-Billion Dollar Business

As the Olympics near, let's follow the money to the sponsors who are shelling out millions to be involved. By 2030, this will likely be a multi-billion dollar business.


The Science of Why Fantasy Sports Are So Popular

Fantasy sports. The genre's popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, but what's driving growth? One academic study attempts to answer this question.


How Microsoft’s ‘Scroogled’ Ads Are Misleading You

Ever since Microsoft introduced the term ‘scroogled’ in a series of ads late last year, Google has come under fire. Despite this campaign's best efforts, both companies have their own privacy issues to deal with, and Microsoft isn't the symbol of security it wants you to believe it is.


Why Critics of Roger Goodell's Increased Player Fines Don't Understand the NFL as a Business

The policies employed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell since he took office are often criticized, but the financial evidence shows the league is in splendid shape.


Movie Twins: How Films With the Same Plot Get Released in the Same Year

The Hollywood 'twin movie' phenomenon occurs when a pair of films feature very similar plots targeted toward the same genre, and are released within a few months of each other. A topic too often ignored by the media, the economics behind this trend may shock you.


Why Moving the Tampa Bay Rays Makes Economic Sense

One of baseball's biggest personalities is calling for the Tampa Bay Rays to relocate 1,100 miles north to New Jersey. Why?


Who Stands to Benefit From the Switch to College Football Playoffs?

College football has used the BCS to determine a national champion since 1998, but everything changes next year. Who stands to benefit from the switch to a playoff system, and who may be up in arms? That's where it gets truly interesting.


Why the Braves Are Really Leaving Atlanta

The Atlanta Braves' decision to build their next stadium outside of city limits has created quite a bit of drama in the Peach State. But most pundits oversimplify the situation. In reality, there are a number of factors behind the move.


2 Surprising Truths Behind the DOJ’s US Airways-American Airlines Merger Decision

There are many opinions out there about the US Airways-American Airlines merger, but few actually discuss why the DOJ finally agreed to settle with both sides. There are two somewhat surprising truths behind this decision.


How Wall Street Views the Game of Football in 2020

It's 2020 and Wall Street analysts have begun covering professional football players with the same level of scrutiny as any other publicly traded security. How did we get here?


How the NBA's Sleeved Jerseys Could Change the League Forever

A handful of NBA teams have begun to roll out Adidas' sleeved jerseys, most notably the Golden State Warriors. The economics of this trend are worth discussing, since it could alter basketball forever.