Bill Foote

Bill Foote


I scour physical and financial commodities globally to uncover the political, economic and financial reasons for value creation and destruction globally.

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Will Berkshire's Bets on Wind Power Pay Off?

Berkshire Hathaway's sequenced investments in wind power and transmission combine to support a proactive utility strategy. This strategy will deliver a reliable flow of consistent dividend growth that can hedge volatile fossil-based fuel costs.

How Steel Is Making Its Comeback

ArcelorMittal's two-year slump is about to end with it purchase of a high margin finished steel mill in the U.S. Sluggish E.U., Russian, and Chinese demand, and old fashioned good timing combine to enrich ArcelorMittal earnings.

How Metal Is Financing the Oil Value Chain

Glencore, and other traders, are moving further into oil. At the same time they amassed large inventories of metals in storage they own and earn finance profits on. Metals finance oil.

How Traders Finance Big Oil

Glencore and other oil traders typically prepay their oil supplies. These payments enable oil majors to divest their African oil assets to local production companies.

Why African Oil Is the Next Ring of Fire

Ophir finds deepwater hydrocarbon all around Africa. It is poised to deliver on well-financed and de-risked forward program and is about to monetize another asset.

Why Big Oil Is Divesting Nigerian Assets

ConocoPhillips eyes shale, and China, as it realigns its priorities to grow cash flow and dividends. Local financing is the linchpin to indigenous Oanda Energy acquisition.

Whither Oil for a Russian Bear?

Russia’s main export is oil, and its export agent is Rosneft. Will a softening of oil demand globally weaken Rosneft? Look to China and the Petroyuan for answers.

Solar Stocks Flare Out

Beating estimates is not enough to maintain climbing prices. It's back to the basics of cash flow realization, debt reduction, customer diversification, manufacturing and installation efficiency.

Solar Flares up in Africa

U.S. loans bolster solar investment in South Africa and encourage U.S. companies to lead the worldwide solar industry.