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Roy Lewis

Roy Lewis


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Slash Your Taxes All Year Long

Start now, and stay diligent.

How to Survive an IRS Audit

It's slightly less enjoyable than a root canal, but you can do it.


Tax Rules for Selling Mutual Funds

Recordkeeping is crucial when dealing with mutual funds.


How to Calculate a Holding Period

Know whether you'll be taxed at a long-term or short-term rate.

Audit-Proof Your Tax Return

These steps could keep your return under the radar of IRS auditors.


6 Deductions Even Pros Overlook

Here are some little-known ways to reduce your tab.

4 Tips to Make Your Tax Season Easier

What you need to know to get a handle on your taxes.

Wash Sales and Your IRA

Don't fall into a trap with your tax losses.

Avoid the Dreaded AMT

Don't assume that the alternative minimum tax won't affect you.

Death to Itemized Deductions!

If your income's too high, kiss the sweetest deductions goodbye.

Tax Changes for Kids

New laws affecting your youngsters could increase your family's tax bill.

The Roth Way to Riches

It's a retirement account! It's an emergency fund! It's the amazing Roth IRA!

Top 10 Roth IRA Questions

The Roth is a powerful investing tool. Find out how to make it work for you.

At Ease, Taxpayer!

Members of the military get special breaks from the IRS.

Be Green and Save Taxes

Help yourself while you help the planet: Take advantage of energy tax breaks.

Extension, Anyone?

Good morning! Welcome to the Last Day.

I Can't Afford My Taxes!

Some suggestions on what to do if you owe more than you expected.

The Electronic IRS

The IRS has made great strides in recent years in updating its website to make paying taxes easier.

Missing Your W-2 Form?

Here's what to do if your W-2 hasn't arrived yet.

Procrastinators, Rejoice!

If you wait until the last minute to file your tax return, you've just been granted another day to delay.

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