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Brian Lawler

Brian Lawler


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A Top BioMarin Drug Heads Overseas

BioMarin's Kuvan is tentatively given the thumbs up in Europe.

No Approval for You ... Yet

The FDA makes Eli Lilly wait for word on a lead drug.

Novo Nordisk Takes On All Comers

Its diabetes franchise is about to get bigger.

Moody's Gets Moody With Drugmakers

The credit rating agency frowns on European pharmaceuticals.

Less Is More for Vertex

The company's potential hepatitis C compound proves effective with fewer dosages.

InterMune Previews a Coming Attraction

Early data on its new hepatitis C compound looks good -- for now.

Eli Lilly's Dose of Disclosure

The pharmaceutical pledges public reports of its dealings with doctors.

Sanofi Gets the Golden Ring

Sanofi-Aventis finally wins a bidding war for a sought-after prize.

Bristol-Myers Puts Icahn and ImClone to the Test

Bristol and Icahn both go hostile toward each other.

One Share Offering Too Many for Vertex?

Vertex raises cash again by diluting itself.

Will Generic Biologics Get Special Treatment?

Looking at legislative efforts to boost the biotech industry.  

Why Bristol-Myers Won't Pull Its ImClone Bid

Its bid might not be going higher but it isn't going away either.

FDA Tells Gilead to Take 1 More Step

There's a small consolation prize in this rejection from the FDA.

Busy Day for MannKind

It unveils a brand name, a partnership, and new data for its lead drug.

CV Therapeutics Expands Ranexa's Reach

A European partner for the developer's angina drug could help rake in sales.

Pfizer Puts Safety First

Increased FDA scrutiny may motivate the pharmaceutical's new drug-safety site.

King's Unstoppable Urge to Merge

Your potential acquisition isn't interested? Go for the hostile takeover!

A New Wrinkle for an Old Drug

Allergan's muscle relaxant Botox performs well in two studies.

Will a Change Cure Sanofi?

The drugmaker charts a different course for its future.

ImClone and Bristol-Myers' Unfinished Business

ImClone rejects Bristol’s offer, but likely isn’t done dealing with it yet.