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Dan Dzombak

Dan Dzombak


Dan Dzombak has written for The Motley Fool since 2008. He covers value investing, investing process, and success among other things. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter by clicking the buttons below or head over to his blog at

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May's positive jobs report sent the Dow Jones up to a new all-time high today.

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Visa's CFO is leaving this year, and the market is not happy about that.

Iron Ore

Caterpillar Leads the Dow Jones Today Despite Ominous Signs

Caterpillar is up today while the Iron Ore market is crashing.


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GDP was revised down from a 0.1% gain to a 1% drop but the Dow is up for the day, what gives?

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China is becoming a worse problem for IBM, the second-largest DJIA stock.


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American Express and Goldman Sachs are today's top Dow stocks after numerous economic reports were better than expected.

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The Value Investor 500: 2014

A better option than the Fortune 500, ranking the top 500 companies in the U.S. from an investor’s perspective.

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The Value Investor 500 highlights the top 500 publicly traded companies in the U.S. for 2014.

Visa Leads the Dow Jones Today After Compromise with Russia

Visa and MasterCard are close to a deal with Russia as the payment processors negotiate their future in the country.

Boeing Propels the Dow Jones Higher

Boeing is up on orders and an analyst upgrade, but a new report from the NTSB could mean short term trouble.


Why Financials Are Leading the Dow Jones' Surge Today

Positive comments from New York Fed President William Dudley are pushing financials and the DJIA up.


Why the Dow Jones Is Tumbling Today

Numerous bad forecasts are weighing on the DJIA today.

Burning Money

Dow Jones Flat as AT&T Drops on DIRECTV Deal

Markets fluctuate as AT&T announces the acquisition of DIRECTV.

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Maximize your benefit by contributing all the way to the 401(k) contribution limit in 2014.


Dow 39,000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average should be at 39,000, above the infamous "Dow 36,000." Learn how you can profit from the Dow committee’s mistakes.