Billy Duberstein

Billy Duberstein


I love looking at the "story" behind investments from an interdisciplinary point of view, with an equal appetite for high-growth disruptors and beaten-down value names.

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Why Shares of Comcast Stumbled 13.3% in the First Half of 2020

The communications and media conglomerate fell hard as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and headwinds in cable TV.


Why Shares of Moody's Rose 15.7% in the First Half of the Year

The debt ratings agency delivered strong results and delivered better-than-feared full-year guidance.


Why AT&T Shares Fell 22.6% in the First Half of 2020

Its entertainment division got mauled by coronavirus.


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The credit card company plummeted along with many other financial stocks.


Why Shares of Advanced Micro Devices Rose 14.7% in the First Half of 2020

The high-growth chipmaker received a boost on cloud, gaming, and notebook demand in the stay-at-home economy.

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Why Fortinet Stock Rose 28.6% During the First Half of the Year

The cybersecurity stock benefited with the rest of its sector, and a new product innovation gave shares an extra jolt.


Why Shares of Synopsys Gained 40.1% During the First Half of 2020

The resilient technology software company rebounded strongly from the March lows.


Why HubSpot Surged 41.5% in the First Half of 2020

The software-as-a-service company should weather COVID-19 and come out strong on the other side.


Why Shares of T-Mobile Rose 32.8% in the First Half of 2020

The wireless carrier reported solid results and finally closed its game-changing merger with Sprint.