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The RV-EV Connection, DC Power Goes Big Time, and More With GE's Energy Group

Plus, how theft could become a problem for U.S. charging stations.

Microsoft Moving Into Building Management, Demand Response

The software giant comes from a broken Hohm.

Who Cares That Buffalo Wild Wings Can Charge Your EV?

Charging stations keep popping up in places they're not needed.

DOE's Chu and SunPower's Swanson on the SunShot Initiative

Think "Moon Shot" in getting solar to $1 per watt installed with a $27 million investment announcement.

Power-One Quietly Reaches Second Place in Inverter Market

From ninth place to second place market position in two years.

Cree Unfurls Its Household LED Bulb

The price isn't out yet, but it cranks 800 lumens. Could it be the true 60 watt replacement?

EnerNOC Continues Its Buying Spree

EnerNOC acquires MDM Communications to get into the agricultural field.

Evergreen Solar and the Politics of Failure

Evergreen is in trouble, but can the Chinese really be blamed for everything?

Evergreen Solar Closing Devens Plant: The Saga Continues

Evergreen Solar received $58M in state aid to open a factory in 2008. It will now shut the plant and lay off 800 people.

Ford Promises Fast Charging with Electric Focus

Three hours to charge an EV? How do they do it?

Green Computer Battle Heats Up With Nvidia ARM Deal

The tough envy of Jen-Hsun Hwang emerges again as Nvidia vows to use ARM to beat Intel.

How to Begin a Customer Care Overhaul

The time is now.

IBM Wants to Make Wind Farms and Solar Power Plants Smarter

Deep Thunder, iLOG software, bottomless data and the right analysis will optimize renewable power.

Suntech Predicts 46 Percent Growth in Shipments in 2011

And a 30 percent growth in revenue with greater margins. Wall Street cautious but optimistic.

Smart Grid Consolidation Continues: ABB, EnerNoc Both Expand

EnerNoc's 9th acquisition and ABB's third in recent months.

Motorola Buys Home Netwoker 4Home: Does It Make Sense?

What is the secret formula for home networking?

EnerNoc Goes International With UK Deal

London calling for energy efficiency.

NRG, SunPower Team for 250 Megawatts: More on the Way

Big projects are becoming the face of solar.

A123 Systems Sees Shipment Shrink, but Tomorrow Better, Really

China will make up the difference.

Tesla's Q3: Margins Up, Losses Continue for the Electric Vehicle Pioneer

Margins rise, revenue up and continued losses for this dream stock. Stock price jumps, of course.