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Chris Baines

Chris Baines


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Quietly Starting to Worry About Apple

The negatives of Steve Jobs' absence.

Monster Beverage Lawsuit Much Ado About Nothing

Ignore the panic.

Electric Cars Are Selling Better Than You Think

Electric car sales are finally getting some much needed juice.

Why Are You Still Buying U.S. Tobacco?

Who wants the regulatory risk in a declining industry?

Stop Bribing Companies to Lever Up

How the tax code encourages companies to drown in debt.

Hallelujah! Ben Bernanke Gets Some Guts

The Fed finally gets feisty.

How to Spot "Drive-By" Stock Research

There's a lot of it out there. Here's how to avoid it.

So Lance Armstrong (Probably) Cheated. Now What?

Sponsors stand by their man.

Don't Worry About the "Ultimate Insider" and His Facebook Move

Peter Thiel is not like you.

As Facebook Enters Boring, Reasonable Price Land, Is It A Buy?

A look at Facebook's valuation.

Why J.C. Penney Rose Despite Terrible Earnings

Let's solve the puzzle.

Are Low Treasury Yields a Bullish or Bearish Sign?


Why Does the Internet Hate Keynes?

Chronicling the Internet's distaste for the 20th century's most famous economist.

Blame Yourself, Not Reed Hastings, for Netflix's Woes

It's the job of the CEO to grow the fundamentals; it's the job of Wall Street and investors to price them.

Take The Deal, RIM

Put investors out of their misery.

Is the Chevy Volt Too Affordable?

<class=Heading5Char>The Volt Is Cheaper Than You Think

Don't Worry About This Big Departure

Bill Ackman still thinks J.C. Penney is a good place to be.

J.C. Penney: Heads I Win, Tails I Also Win?

The risk calculus on Penney's favors the bulls.

Note to World: Dell Is Not a PC Company

Apple is actually Dell's ally.

5 Myths Among J.C. Penney Bears

Don't give up on J.C. Penney just yet.

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