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Investment management firms joining hands to assist the maritime industry.

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A reported loss this quarter has shaken investor confidence.

Slowdown in Shipping Hurts Genco's Numbers

Even with a good top line growth, Genco could not post profits in the first quarter.

Is Zoltek Ready to Soar or Stumble?

Despite a 42.5% increase in sales, Zoltek fails to post positive earnings.

Ship Finance Declares Dividend Boost After Lousy Quarterly Performance

Despite a decline in profits, Ship Finance raised the dividend.

General Maritime Is Sailing Through Rough Waters

Increased losses and growing debt burdens make growth more difficult for General Maritime.

Danisco and DuPont: A Delicious Duet?

What chemicals and food ingredients have in common.

Can Manitowoc Sell the Bulls?

Manitowoc's widening loss establishes bearish movement for the stock.

What's Ahead For First Solar?

Italian authorities have cut production incentives, which may reduce demand for solar modules.

More Investors Hunt for Huntsman

quarterly performance attracts investors. Can we hold it for long term?

A New Constellation Forming in Exelon

Will the combination of Exelon and Constellation bring dynamic changes in the clean energy business?

Aegean's Voyage to Panama

Aegean to expand its business in the ports of Panama.

Is Motorola Mobility Eyeing Something Big?

By acquiring Dreampark, Motorola satisfies its hunger for experience in media convergence.

Gentex Notches an Epic Quarter

With record high sales and income this quarter, can Gentex be a long-term bet?

J&J Attempts to Create Major "Synthes"-is

Johnson & Johnson will acquire the medical device maker for $21.3 billion.

Manitowoc Whips Out the Credit Card

Manitowoc seeks to restructure its credit facilities through a $1.15 billion deal.

General Maritime: Time for Action

Acquisition of more tankers would increase its ability to deliver more to the customers.

Will Unilever Score in China?

Unilever is working hard for further business in China.

Can M&T Bank on Wilmington?

Partnering an ailing trust may pose several challenges for M&T.

Can Capstone Go From Good to Great?

New orders from oil and gas units may boost its trailing profits.