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Taylor Carmichael

Taylor Carmichael


Taylor Carmichael is a former attorney and filmmaker. He's the author of a line of murder mysteries, including Whodidit in the Supreme Court? and Whodidit With a Senator? The majority of what he knows about stocks he learned right here at the Motley Fool.

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All three of these stocks have had incredible spikes because of COVID-19. One stock, however, is a safer and stronger long-term investment.


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Right now Teladoc Health is the dominant name in virtual healthcare. Are there any internet companies that might dislodge Teladoc from its leadership position?


1 Green Flag for Teladoc Health

Here's the main reason you want to own shares of this virtual medical company.


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The biotech has been an incredible stock over the last year. Is it still a buy?


Is There a Future for Moderna Beyond COVID-19?

What does Moderna's future look like aside from its COVID-19 vaccine program?


1 Green Flag for Moderna Stock

Here's a closer look at why you might want to buy the leader in mRNA pharmaceuticals.


4 Reasons I Just Bought This SPAC Stock

Rover has an amazing business model -- it's the Airbnb for dogs.


3 Top Healthcare Stocks to Buy in 2021

Moderna, Teladoc Health, and Fulgent Genetics have all spiked a lot higher because of COVID-19. And all three companies have platforms for growth over the next decade.


Your 2 Best Profit Opportunities in 2021

Infinity Pharmaceuticals is my pick for Stock of the Year. And Shopify is my selection for Stock of the Decade.


3 Green Flags for Novavax Investors, and 1 Red Flag

Since January 2020, Novavax has become 65-bagger. Is it still a buy?

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Regenerative Tissue Developer Humacyte Going Public Via SPAC

Humacyte is a leader in regenerative medicine, growing human tissue in the lab that can be transplanted into any patient.


Have $3,000? Smart Investors Are Piling Into These 2 Stocks

OptimizeRx and Inari Medical are both crushing the market right now.


eXp World's 2-for-1 Split Takes Effect Today

The online real estate company will begin trading Tuesday at its split-adjusted price -- which looks a lot like its mid-January price. What's next for shareholders?


3 Top E-Commerce Stocks to Buy Now, Farfetch, and eXp World are three e-commerce stocks that will soar in 2021. Here's why.


Is Glu Mobile Stock a Buy?

The stock was up almost 50% in 2020. It's just getting started.


Who Is the Amazon of Real Estate?

Hint: It's not Zillow.


2 Growth Stocks for In-the-Know Investors

Right now, most investors are oblivious to OptimizeRX and eXp World Holdings. Here's why you should know their names.


What's the Upside for Novavax Stock?

Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine could receive emergency use authorizations around the globe. In that case, how much revenue should investors expect?