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Neil Rozenbaum

Neil Rozenbaum


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LMND  stock (1)

What to Expect From Lemonade's Earnings. Beat or Miss?

At the current valuation, the insurance company will need to continue delivering the goods for shareholders.

SQ stock (27)

What to Expect From Square's Earnings. Beat or Miss?

Q1 was a record quarter for Square, but will Bitcoin's downfall take Square with it in Q2?

Alibaba stock (1)

Time to Buy Alibaba Right Now?

The risk-reward balance might be too good to pass on, regardless of the China risk.

PTON (4)

4 Things Peloton Needs to Do to Become a Multibagger

Peloton is more than just an iPad-on-a-bike company.

PINS stock

This Is Why Pinterest Is the Best Social Commerce Stock

Pinterest is making all the right moves to become the go-to place for shoppers and advertisers alike.


Would OnlyFans Be a Buy If It Went Public?

OnlyFans is much more than just adult entertainment content.

TSLA stock

Why Is Tesla Underperforming The Market?

The market seems to care more about FUD than record-breaking deliveries and China sales.

Sofi stock (2)

Is This the Best Fintech Stock to Buy Right Now?

SoFi has some great tailwinds coming its way.

Sq stock (20)

Stripe And Paypal Are Coming for Square's Lunch! Time to Sell?

Jack's Bitcoin addiction might be Square's downfall.

DUOL stock

Is Duolingo a Buy Once It Goes Public?

Everything you need to know about Duolingo before it goes public.

PLTR stock (2)

Up 40% Since May, Is Palantir Still a Buy?

Patience is key with this growth stock, but long-term investors will reap the benefits.

ABNB stock (3)

Should You Buy Airbnb Right Before the Summer?

Travel is making the comeback of the century.

COIN stock (3)

Is Now the Perfect Time to Buy Coinbase?

If you believe crypto is here to stay, buying Coinbase is a no-brainer.

DIS stock (3)

Disney: The One Stock I Am Buying and Holding Forever

Disney is coming out of the pandemic bigger and stronger than ever.

FSLY stock (1)

Fastly Is Up 40% Since May. Can It Go Higher?

The recent internet outage turned out to be a positive for Fastly.

NVDA stock (3)

NVIDIA: The Next Trillion Dollar Company?

NVIDIA could become the biggest company in the world.

AMD stock (5)

AMD Investors Should Take This Into Consideration

Can AMD hold on to its lead this time?


This Semiconductor Stock Is Cheap and a Screaming Buy!

Intel might be down, but it's certainly not out.

LMND Stock (5)

Up 75%, Is Lemonade Stock Being Squeezed?

It seems heavily shorted stocks are enjoying the latest Wallstreetbets short squeeze.

NFLX Stock (2)

What Netflix Needs to Do to Reach $1,000

Ad-supported content is the way to go, with or without Netflix.