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Blake Bos

Blake Bos


The Motley Fool's industrials analyst, I specialize in 3-D printing and also do my best to stay up-to-date in the fields of robotics and oceanic transportation. Follow me on Twitter, Google+, and/or Facebook below for the most important 3-D printing industry developments and other great stories.

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Start-up company Form Labs just received a substantial amount of cash to sell its new Form 1 consumer printer to the masses. Should 3D Systems and Stratasys be worried?

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3D Systems recently reported earnings, which included numbers for its Cube line of consumer printers. How do they stack up compared with Stratasys' consumer printers?

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3D Systems posted some incredible results with revenue soaring nearly 50%, but why was the market's reaction so tepid?

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Investing in the dry bulk shipping sector can be a dangerous endeavor, before taking the plunge be sure to read Blake's take on Genco Shipping.

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Trucking giant YRC Worldwide has seen its shares rally nearly 80% since the start of the year, but are the company's financial woes really over?

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Injection-molding guru Arburg recently unveiled a groundbreaking 3-D printer, and the 3-D-printing community has taken a big interest. 3D Systems and Stratasys won't want to ignore this.

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Review does not instill confidence in robotic vacuums.

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Dry bulk shippers have seen shares rally as of late, but are investors being led into a trap at Diana Shipping?

The Ugly Truth Behind Dry Ships Inc. Betraying Investors

Dry bulk shippers have seen shares rally as of late, but are investors being led into a trap?