The ExOne Company (NASDAQ:XONE) is set to report its first-quarter earnings on May 14, and only time will tell if this smaller 3-D printing company can satisfy Wall Street's expectations. For the record, ExOne has missed analyst earnings estimates in every single quarter it has reported since going public last year. 

For this quarter, Wall Street will be expecting negative $0.11 in adjusted earnings per share, $9.74 million in revenue, and $56.9 million in revenue for their 2014 guidance. While the quarterly earnings numbers may be important for Wall Street, long-term investors in ExOne should listen to some age-old wisdom from sociologist William Cameron: "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."

What investors should really focus on is the company's conference call and any prepared remarks about its future ExCast process. While this future offering isn't reflected in the company's operating numbers today, it's of the utmost importance for the company to succeed over the long term, satisfy investors expectations, and drive the stock price higher. 

In the video below, Blake covers some of the long-term criteria that investors should focus on, and why Wall Street's estimates concerning a company like ExOne could lead investors astray.