Tyler Crowe

Tyler Crowe


Columnist for fool.com.

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3 Healthcare Value Stocks

Looking for some investments in the healthcare sector that aren't priced at a high premium? Allergan, Gilead Sciences, and DaVita are an excellent place to start.

3 Stocks for an Approaching Bear Market

Want to own stocks that will bear the brunt of the next bear market? Take a look at Enterprise Products Partners, Amazon.com, and Ford Motor Company.

3 Value Utility Stocks

Shares of Sabesp, Eversource Energy, and SCANA Corp. are selling for surprisingly modest valuations.

3 Stocks With Apple-Like Return Potential

Apple's record-breaking returns will be hard for anyone to replicate, but HubSpot, A.O. Smith, and Amazon.com have a shot at posting their own impressive long-term gains.

3 High-Yield Growth Stocks

General Motors, Iron Mountain, and STAG Industrial have that rare combination of high-yield and growth that investors should covet.

3 High-Yield Commodity Stocks

While commodity stocks are higher-risk options for income-seekers, that risk can be well worth the reward of a much higher yield.

3 Stocks Building the World of Tomorrow

Want to invest in companies investing in the technology of tomorrow? Take a look at IPG Photonics, First Solar, and Daimler AG.

3 High-Yield Utility Stocks

These utilities generate steady cash flow that supports lucrative dividends.

3 Warren Buffett Stocks Still Worth Buying

Stocks in Warren Buffett's portfolio don't tend to sell at a discount. Today, though, General Motors, Apple, and Store Capital look attractive.

3 Stocks for a Bull Market

In a bull market, should investors bet on stocks in booming industries or look for value?