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Rupert Hargreaves

Rupert Hargreaves


Rupert has been writing for the Motley Fool since December 2012. He primarily covers tobacco and resource companies with a passion for value-oriented investments.

Recent articles

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Cliffs has claimed that Casablanca Capital doesn't have shareholder interests at heart, but Casablanca has more at stake than Cliffs' current management.

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Chevron beats ExxonMobil when it comes to the question of oil discovery and low-cost extraction.

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ConocoPhilips has had a great run so far this year, but how much higher can the oil giant's stock go?

Universal Corp Faces a Tough Fiscal 2015

Universal Corp just reported strong fiscal 2014 results, but due to market forces the company will struggle during fiscal 2015.

Shares of Philip Morris Have Few Catalysts Going Forward

Philip Morris is facing numerous pressures and they are all constricting the company's earnings. This is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Are These 3 Companies About to Be Taken Over?

Anadarko, Hess, and Marathon are the perfect takeover candidates.

Is Cliffs Natural Resources Set for a Short Squeeze?

Cliffs Natural has more than a third of its shares on loan -- have the shorts got it wrong?

A Change of Strategy for Devon Energy

Linn has acquired some of Devon's natural gas assets. The deal has advantages for both parties, and here's why.

Did ExxonMobil Make the Right Decision About Europe?

ExxonMobil plans to spend $1 billion developing European refineries. Has it made the right decision?

Can Caterpillar's Amazing Run Continue?

Caterpillar is the Dow's best performer this year, but can the company continue to outperform?

Rowan Companies' Transformation Continues

Rowan Companies has transformed itself over the past few years, and the last stage of the transformation should send earnings surging.

Refiners Are Sliding, but Should You Be Worried?

News that a ban on oil exports could be lifted has sent refiners sliding. Should you be worried?

Why Altria Is up 10% This Year

Altria's shares have risen 10% this year to outperform the S&P 500, but can it continue?

What Worries Wall Street About Seadrill?

The offshore drilling industry is slowing down and analysts have grilled Seadrill's management about the company's prospects.

Profitable Times Ahead for These Tanker Companies

Nordic American, Scorpio, and DryShips are set to benefit from rising demand for oil tankers.

What's Behind Schlumberger's New $168 Price Target?

Some analysts believe that Schlumberger's shares can hit $168 -- is this a likely scenario?

How Much Higher Can Anadarko's Dividend Go?

Anadarko Petroleum has hiked its dividend payout several times during the past 12 months. How much higher can it go?

Philip Morris Guides Lower but Wall Street's Not Worried

Philip Morris revised its earnings forecast lower, but the company still has many strengths.