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Rupert Hargreaves

Rupert Hargreaves


Rupert has been writing for the Motley Fool since December 2012. He primarily covers tobacco and resource companies with a passion for value-oriented investments.

Recent articles

Is the Reynolds-Lorillard Deal Really a Good Idea?

The merger between Reynolds American and Lorillard might be a good deal for Lorillard's investors, but is Reynolds overpaying?

The World's Largest Gold Importer Has Stopped Importing

Demand for gold is falling, and high-cost producers like Harmony Gold and IAMGOLD will suffer as a result.

Talisman Energy Could Be Planning to Sell Its Asian Assets

Talisman Energy is rumored to be looking for buyers for its Asian assets. Here's what you need to know.

Here's How Chevron Is Outperforming Downstream Peers

The refining business is no longer as profitable as it was, and companies like Royal Dutch Shell are loosing out. Chevron isn't worried, however.

Will ExxonMobil Pounce on Anadarko Petroleum?

ExxonMobil is rumored to be planning a bid for smaller peer Anadarko.

Why Are Penn Virginia's Shares Sliding?

Penn Virginia's shares have been falling, but what's behind the declines?

Here's Why Big Tobacco Will Squash Smaller Peers to Dominate the E-Cig Sector

Lorillard, Reynolds, and Altria have size and experience on their side.

Diamond Offshore: How Low Can It Go?

Diamond Offshore has had a terrible year so far, but the company could be set for further pain.

FDA E-Cig Regulations Will Benefit Big Tobacco

Due to the complexity of the FDA's rules governing e-cigs, big tobacco will benefit.

Newmont Mining Isn't Spending Enough

Newmont Mining has cut capital expenditure so much future production is under threat.

E-Cigs Are Already Falling out of Favor With Consumers

E-cigs are falling out of favor and this could hit the national roll-outs of Altria and Reynolds.

As Russia Cracks Down on Smokers, Big Tobacco Profits

Philip Morris and British American are profiting from Russia's crackdown on smokers.

Are Joy Global's Results Really as Good as the Market Thinks?

Joy Global's results impressed the market, but should investors be more skeptical?

Is CVR Refining Overvalued?

CVR Refining has put in an impressive performance so far this year, but the company could be running into trouble.

Is This the Future of Big Tobacco?

Philip Morris, Reynolds American, and British American Tobacco are innovating to drive growth.

Are Miners About to Start Spending Again?

There are signs that some mining companies are about to start spending on capital equipment -- good news for Caterpillar but bad news for Joy Global.

ExxonMobil Is Lining Itself up for a Half-Trillion Dollar Payout

ExxonMobil is about to take over management of the world's largest oil project, and the payoff could be huge.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Reynolds American Today

Reynolds American looks expensive as it tries to take over peer Lorillard.

A Seadrill Bear Takes a Look at the Company's First Quarter Results

Seadrill's first quarter results were mixed; here's a bear's take on them.

Philip Morris Relies on Asia for Growth But One Region Is Out of Reach

Philip Morris' cash cow is Asia but China is still out of reach.