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Daniel Miller


As a Motley Fool Industrial Specialist, I use my marketing and business background in the automotive industry to evaluate major automakers and other large industrial corporations. Follow me on twitter for tweets about stocks, cars, sports, and anything I find amusing.

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B&G Foods Jumps 13% as COVID-19 Drives Strong Q1 Result

While most businesses closed from the COVID-19 related slowdown, B&G Foods saw consumption increase.


Cars.com Soars 34% After Strong Earnings Beat

Cars.com had solid momentum until COVID-19, and it still salvaged a strong first-quarter result.


Delphi Shares Soar 15% After Buyout Terms Are Amended

Delphi and BorgWarner revised a deal they originally agreed to in January.


Did a Last-Second Deal With Lenders Buy Hertz Enough Time?

Hertz reached an agreement with lenders that buys it time to form a strategy, but time is ticking.

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Hertz Shares Plunge 14% Tuesday, Despite Lenders Throwing a Lifeline

A late agreement between Hertz and its lenders will buy the company time, but will it be enough?


Why Foot Locker, Callaway Golf, and Newell Brands Plunged 10% Early Friday

A couple of developments are hitting some retailers hard on the first trading day of May, 2020.


A Strong Q1 Sends MasTec Shares Soaring 13% Early Friday

The infrastructure construction company is well positioned to weather the COVID-19 storm.


Why These Auto Stocks Are Sinking by Double Digits Friday

A negative economic impact from COVID-19 and other developments are sending Hertz, Avis, and Carvana down Friday.


Fortune Brands Stock Pops 12% After a Strong Q1

But investors should temper expectations going into the second quarter.


Why Dana Incorporated Popped 11% Higher Thursday

Dana Incorporated felt the negative impact from COVID-19, but still beat estimates.

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1-800-Flowers.com Soars 18% as COVID-19's Negative Impact Reverses

1-800-Flowers.com's third-quarter fiscal 2020 was a bright spot in a gloomy industry.


Why Goodyear Tire & Rubber Is Plunging 16% Thursday

Goodyear Tire's first quarter was hit by COVID-19, and the pain isn't over just yet.


Why WW International's Stock Popped 12% Wednesday

The weight-management business gained momentum during the first quarter, but should investors temper expectations?


Restaurant Stocks Soar Wednesday on Positive COVID-19 Developments

Multiple positive developments have restaurant stocks moving higher – but is the worst really over?


Why Hawaiian Holdings, Signet Jewelers, and Meredith Jumped Over 15% Tuesday

Positive trends for COVID-19 coronavirus and plans for parts of the economy to reopen have these stocks rising.


What Sent These Consumer Goods Stocks Soaring Monday?

States could begin reopening their economies sooner rather than later.


Why These Restaurant Stocks Popped by Double Digits Monday

Investors seem optimistic as a handful of states prepare to reopen parts of their economy.


What Sent Hertz Shares 13% Higher Monday

Signs that the worst could be over in states hard hit by COVID-19 mean good news for companies such as Hertz.


The Auto Industry's Ticking Time Bomb: How Plunging Used Car Prices Could Devastate Automakers

How in the world could lower used car prices be such a huge hindrance to automakers that primarily sell new vehicles?


World Wrestling Entertainment Shrugs Off COVID-19 With Strong Q1

WWE posted a strong first quarter, with revenue surging a record 60%.