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Reuben Gregg Brewer

Reuben Gregg Brewer


Reuben Gregg Brewer believes dividends are a window into a company's soul. He tries to invest in good souls.

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20_11_24 A woman in a movie theater eating popcorn _GettyImages-1181742605

Why AMC Entertainment Stock Jumped 14% out of the Gate Today

It looks like Reddit board readers are still trying to do a squeeze play here. But the momentum appears to have faded.

19_11_06 A hand swiping a credit card through a credit card machine _GettyImages-483230346

Why The Container Store Stock Rallied 16% at the Open Today

The news happened yesterday, but the market move took place today. Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know.

17_07_17 A gold miner panning for gold _GettyImages-507516656

Why Precious Metals Miners Like Silvercorp Metals and McEwen Mining Fell Hard in Early Trading Today

Precious metals miners tend to be pretty volatile, but the last few days have been extra crazy. Thankfully, that could be coming to an end.

20_04_28 Three women with bags shopping in an outdoor retail area _GettyImages-1131097418

Why Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Stock Fell 14% Today

This mall-focused real estate investment trust has now been forgotten by the Reddit boards that bid it up.

19_07_30 A group of people made to look like floor traders _GettyImages-200288298-001

Why First Majestic Silver, Endeavour Silver, Hecla Mining, and Coeur Mining Plummeted at the Open

It looks like Reddit readers are having second thoughts about the silver short squeeze. That was quick.

17_10_31 A man standing with power lines in background _GettyImages-642687412

Is Duke Energy Stock a Buy?

As this giant dividend-paying U.S. utility seeks to put a lingering issue to rest, is it worth adding to your portfolio?

18_08_21 A man writing the word dividends _GettyImages-665270560

3 Top Stocks With High Dividend Yields

Large, dominant companies with big yields are unlikely in today's record-setting markets. Here are three stocks that prove otherwise.

17_07_19 An image of an atom in cupped hands _GettyImages-490504364

Why Cameco Stock Rocketed as Much as 22% Today

Shares of the giant uranium producer got a boost from an analyst call. Here's the big-picture view.

19_06_26 A man holding his head with a candlestick chart heading lower behind him _GettyImages-1081842890

Why Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Dropped as Much as 10% Today

It looks like the Reddit board has moved on, and now the fallout. There's a lot to learn here.

20_06_04 A hand lifting up cards on a poker table filled with chips _GettyImages-903362700

Why These Precious Metals Stocks Rocketed at the Open

Mining stocks can be volatile, but this isn't normal. Here is what's going on and why you should be very cautious with these stocks right now.

19_03_11 A spinning roulette wheel _GettyImages-479766096

Why Shares of These Silver Miners Opened More Than 30% Higher Today

The short squeeze has officially extended into the silver space, but this isn't the same as GameStop.

19_03_08 Two hands holding blocks spelling out the words RISK and REWARD  _GettyImages-1130220143

How Safe Is B&G Foods and Its Dividend?

B&G Foods has seen a huge run-up in its stock price over the past year. And it still offers a fat 5% yield. Is it worth it?

17_06_20 A miner holding up a silver nugget _GettyImages-134059508

Why First Majestic Silver, Hecla Mining, and Other Silver Stocks Rallied out of the Gate Today

Silver miners rose again. It seems the market's short squeeze craziness is seeping into other areas.

19_11_06 A hand swiping a credit card through a credit card machine _GettyImages-483230346

Why Stock Rallied 8% and Then Tumbled 13% Today

It was a roller-coaster ride for the online retailer's investors, as it opened higher but quickly sank into negative territory. Here's the lowdown.

16_06_15 A man with a notebook in front of oil well _GettyImages-156525694

Why Core Laboratories Stock Rose 5% and Fell 5% on the Same Day

Shares took a roller coaster ride today, as the big news was earnings.

19_07_18 The word Growth spelled out with blocks aligned on an upward sloping line _GettyImages-956031274

Why A. O. Smith Stock Rose as Much as 14% at the Open Today

No, it wasn't a short squeeze. A. O. Smith actually had some good news to report to investors. Here's what it was.

17_06_15 A man standing in mouth of mine with the sun in the background _GettyImages-524717029

Why Hecla Mining, Endeavour Silver, and Other Precious Metals Stocks Rallied as Much as 38% at the Open Today

Shares of these miners took off, but that was pretty much a forgone conclusion. Here's why.

19_07_30 A woman pointing to a lit chalk lightbulb above her head _GettyImages-492784636

1 Question Realty Income Needs to Answer

Realty Income is the 800-pound gorilla of the net-lease sector. That creates a big problem this REIT needs to address.

18_08_21 An arm pointing to graph on computer screen _GettyImages-629202004

Why CoreCivic and the GEO Group Both Rallied Over 10% Today

The news out of Washington D.C. was bad but perhaps not as bad as some investors feared.

19_07_30 A group of people made to look like floor traders _GettyImages-200288298-001

Why ANGI Homeservices Stock Jumped 12% in Morning Trading Today

ANGI Homeservices rose on little news, but the feeding frenzy taking out short-sellers is all you need for big moves these days.