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Reuben Gregg Brewer

Reuben Gregg Brewer


Reuben Gregg Brewer believes dividends are a window into a company's soul. He tries to invest in good souls.

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20_12_03 A family on a rollercoaster with their arms in the air _GettyImages-dv801006

Why Pitney Bowes Stock Is on Another Roller Coaster Ride Today

The mailing equipment company has been trading in volatile fashion lately, despite no particularly important news. Here's what's likely going on.

20_03_31 Fingers flipping a die that says short and long with dice spelling term next to it _GettyImages-1134479990

1 Reason I'm Not Selling VEREIT

It's been a long slog exacerbated by a pandemic, but VEREIT is ready to shine. Here's why I'm sticking with the net-lease REIT.

20_06_29 A mother and a daughter at a mall _GettyImages-520258375

Why Shares of Tanger, Macerich, and Washington Prime Jumped as Much as 23% Today

After starting the day off with modest gains, mall REITs took off in the afternoon. Is this another market mania?

19_06_05 A man sitting in front of computer screens with stock information on them _GettyImages-944365476

Why Seritage Growth Properties Stock Rallied as Much as 12% Today

The Sears Holdings spinoff got a brief boost from a company update. The news wasn't bad, but it wasn't good enough to hold the gains, either.

20_05_26 A woman raising her arms in triumph in front of a computer _GettyImages-1144287268

Why Aqua Metals Stock Rocketed 30% at the Open Today

Industrial recycler Aqua Metals inked a deal with a whale and investors aren't done rewarding it for that success just yet.

19_10_03 A man watering a topiary of an upward arrow with gold coins around the planter _GettyImages-878022900

Why Rallied 28% at the Open Today took on a partner to help with a business that investors have increasingly found interesting. Here's a quick rundown.

20_06_26 Two men in silhouette with oil rigs _GettyImages-969855842

Why Centennial Resource Development Stock Fell as Much as 6% Today

Shares of Centennial bucked the uptrend in oil and natural gas prices today. Here's why.

20_08_12 Blocks spelling out calm and panic _GettyImages-1216791768

Why Shares of B&G Foods Rocketed as Much as 38% Today

There was no particular news out of the company, so what exactly is going on with B&G's stock?

20_04_27 People sitting in a movie theater _GettyImages-824033280

Why Cinemark Holdings Stock Jumped as Much as 20% Today

Shares of the movie theater operator jumped following news out of a competitor. They aren't in the same position.

20_04_07 A vacant shopping center _GettyImages-576896768

1 REIT Stock to Buy in 2021

Federal Realty Investment Trust's earnings are going to be weak when it reports fourth-quarter results, but the long-term opportunity is still bright.

19_01_08 An offshore drilling rig _GettyImages-901140746

Better Buy: ExxonMobil vs. Chevron

In the battle between U.S. energy giants Chevron and Exxon, one company comes out on top. Here's why.

20_04_28 Two people with shopping bags standing in a mall _GettyImages-1163487093

Why American Eagle Outfitters Stock Jumped 5% Today

The retailer provided a near-term update and a long-term plan, and investors largely seem to have liked what they heard.

17_06_26 A man watching a coal mining machine _GettyImages-636798478

Why Peabody Energy Stock Tumbled as Much as 16% Today

Investors abandoned the giant coal miner's shares amid an important changeover in Washington.

17_08_03 A person pouring molten aluminum _GettyImages-587539584

Why Alcoa Stock Fell as Much as 11% Today

Even though the giant aluminum maker had some good earnings news to report, its bad news sent the share price tumbling.

17_06_07 An energy pipeline with a man welding _GettyImages-498337716

Why NGL Energy Partners Rocketed 34% This Morning

It's been a busy few days for the midstream energy company.

18_02_08 A woman drawing a risk vs reward graph _GettyImages-134490975

1 Cheap Stock to Buy in 2021

Retail-related stocks had a tough 2020, but this cheap stock should survive and thrive once the world gets past the coronavirus.

17_06_27 A woman holding up her arms that are adorned with gold bangles _GettyImages-470378252

What Happened Last November Should Be a Wake Up Call for Gold Investors

Gold had a good year in 2020, but something changed toward the end of the year that you can't afford to ignore.

17_10_24 A liquified natural gas LNG tanker at sea _GettyImages-823507470

Why GasLog Stock Dropped a Sharp 17% Today

This LNG ship owner got a boost from Asian demand, but things are already starting to turn around.

20_08_12 A man looking at a red line jaggedly rising _GettyImages-1142663116

Why Endeavour Silver Stock Jumped 10% Today

Shares of the precious metals miner got a boost from rising commodity prices, but that might not have been the only factor.

17_06_20 A miner holding up a silver nugget _GettyImages-134059508

Why First Majestic Silver Stock Jumped 10% Today

Commodity prices were up, helping First Majestic's stock, but a key business update was the real positive today.