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Reuben Gregg Brewer

Reuben Gregg Brewer


Reuben Gregg Brewer believes dividends are a window into a company's soul. He tries to invest in good souls.

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20_11_24 A man in a blue work suit with an oil rig in the background _GettyImages-869933674

Why Transocean Stock Rose 25% in December

The energy services provider had a good month along with oil prices. Here is what's taking shape.

17_06_14 A man Looking down over an energy processing facility _GettyImages-464201833

Why Enterprise, Halliburton, Suncor, BP, Occidental, and Callon Petroleum All Rocketed Higher Today

Energy stocks started the day off on a positive note and then things got really, really good. Here's what happened.

16_06_15 A man with a notebook in front of oil well _GettyImages-156525694

Why Antero Resources, SM Energy, and Kosmos Energy Jumped 12% or More at the Open Today

The day started well for the oil and natural gas drillers. Here's why.


Why The Michaels Companies Stock Rocketed 31% in December

Third-quarter earnings results had investors cheering.

17_06_20 A miner holding up a silver nugget _GettyImages-134059508

Why Silvercorp Metals Stock Jumped 18% in 2020

The silver miner's stock had a good year, but it wasn't a great one when you compare it to peers.

19_04_22 A sign that reads electric vehicles only with a car and an electric cord on it _GettyImages-918985152

Why Albemarle Stock Doubled in 2020

Shareholders went on a roller coaster ride in 2020, but by the end it was a pretty phenomenal year.

18_08_21 A hand holding a pen pointing to a candlestick chart with stock quotes in the background _GettyImages-842444522

Why MP Materials Stock Rocketed 35% in December

The last month of 2020 was pretty good to the rare-earth metal miner, but investors need to go in here with a large grain of salt.

19_06_05 A man sitting in front of computer screens with stock information on them _GettyImages-944365476

Why Digital Realty Rose 16% in 2020, but W.P. Carey and Brookfield Property Fell Sharply

Pandemic-stricken 2020 was bad news for most property sectors, but some still managed to shine. Here's what you need to know.

18_06_26 A mine with lights in the background _GettyImages-650144960

Why Precious Metals Stocks Like Gold Fields and Endeavour Silver Rallied Double Digits at the Open Today

There wasn't any big news, but that didn't stop precious metals investors from starting 2021 on a positive note.

19_06_26 A man looking at a line crashing through the floor beneath him _GettyImages-612737000

Why Ryman Hospitality, Kimco Realty, and Empire State Realty Tanked 22%, 28%, and 33%, Respectively, in 2020

2020 was a terrible year for some REITs, and Ryman, Kimco, and Empire State were right in the line of fire.

19_09_11 Oil rigs with the sun setting in the background _GettyImages-959381934

Why Shares of Oil Giant Eni Fell 33% in 2020

It was a terrible, no-good year for oil stocks in 2020, and Italy's Eni couldn't avoid the pain.

20_07_24 Three people in front of a house with a for sale sign on the lawn _GettyImages-78023869

Why Brookfield Property Partners and Brookfield Property REIT Rocketed Higher at the Open Today

The two share classes of this diversified landlord took off thanks to parent Brookfield Asset Management. Sound confusing? Here's the scoop.

19_10_03 A man watering a topiary of an upward arrow with gold coins around the planter _GettyImages-878022900

Forget Realty Income, W.P. Carey Is My Top REIT Stock for 2021

When considering net-lease REITs, investors often default to Realty Income. Here's why W.P. Carey could be a better choice.

20_07_29 A smiling woman at a desk with furniture in the background _GettyImages-1170926292

Will Procter & Gamble Keep Winning in 2021?

The consumer products giant had a strong year in 2020, but how long can the good times last?

19_01_08 An offshore drilling rig _GettyImages-901140746

Is Royal Dutch Shell Stock a Buy?

Energy giant Royal Dutch Shell cut its dividend in 2020 as it looks to reinvent itself. Is it worth buying as it embarks on a new journey?

20_04_24 Two women in the front seat of a roller coaster _GettyImages-614403620

Why MP Materials Stock Fell as Much as 15% Today

Shares of this rare earth miner fell when investors dug into an SEC filing. Here's what you need to know.

18_09_20 Two people carrying a solar panel at a solar farm _GettyImages-927287372

Is NextEra Energy Stock a Buy?

NextEra Energy looks like it's positioned to lead the utility industry into a bright new future, but does that make it a stock worth buying?

20_07_11 A man in a suit looking over paperwork on a clipboard _GettyImages-1200530833

Better Buy: Magellan Midstream Partners vs. Enterprise Products Partners

Both of these midstream partnerships are financially strong, but one is better positioned for the headwinds facing the industry today.

20_11_24 A balance with the words risk and reward on it spelled out with blocks _GettyImages-1000964610

Better Buy: GE vs. 3M

In this battle of iconic industrial giants, one name looks like a better deal for long-term investors.

20_10_27 A man and a woman on a seesaw _GettyImages-1081951250

The Most Important Lesson of 2020? Patience.

When you look back on turbulent 2020, there's one thing above all that you need to remember: This, too, shall pass.