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Reuben Gregg Brewer

Reuben Gregg Brewer


Reuben Gregg Brewer believes dividends are a window into a company's soul. He tries to invest in good souls.

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How Risky Is Kinder Morgan?

The midstream energy giant's dividend is well covered, but that's not the only risk you need to consider here.

19_06_26 A man holding his head with a candlestick chart heading lower behind him _GettyImages-1081842890

Will Big Oil Stocks Bounce Back in 2021?

Big oil will sigh with relief when 2020 finally draws to a close, but will 2021 be any better? Here's what investors should be thinking about.

20_02_06 A cow colored piggy bank with coins around it _GettyImages-181127068

Here's Why the Best Is Yet to Come for 3M

Industrial giant 3M remains relatively cheap, and it still has an important cultural factor that should see it through to better days.

20_03_31 Fingers flipping a die that says short and long with dice spelling term next to it _GettyImages-1134479990

Near a 10-Year Low, Is Federal Realty a Buy?

Federal Realty's stock has been lagging badly, but is that a reason to count it out? Read this before you decide.

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Why MGM Resorts International Stock Fell 5% at the Open Today

Despite positive news on the vaccine front, investors were a bit concerned that a flare up in the U.K. could be a sign of deeper problems.

20_06_26 Two men in silhouette with oil rigs _GettyImages-969855842

Why Centennial Resource Development Stock Fell 13% at the Open Today

The main story for the oil sector wasn't vaccines this morning, it was the United Kingdom. Developing events spooked investors big time.

20_08_12 A man looking at a red line jaggedly rising _GettyImages-1142663116

Why VEREIT Stock Rocketed Higher at the Open Today

Shares took off, but don't read into the price gain. Nothing actually changed.

18_03_05 A man in front of wind turbines _ GettyImages-102285520

Why Is Everyone Talking About NextEra Energy Stock?

NextEra is not your typical utility stock, and that has investors buzzing about the future. There's a good reason for that.

17_08_02 A steel worker in a foundry with molten steel pouring from a vessel _GettyImages-489756984

Is Nucor Stock a Buy?

This giant U.S. steel maker has a differentiated business model, but is it worth buying?

20_11_24 A man in a blue work suit with an oil rig in the background _GettyImages-869933674

Why Everything Changed for Big Oil in 2020

When the world looks back at 2020, it will be the year that the integrated giants started to turn away from oil. Here's what you need to know.

17_10_05 A gloved hand holding a silver bar _GettyImages-486011876

Why Coeur Mining, Endeavour Silver, and Hecla Mining All Popped 10% Today

This trio of precious metals miners rose for the very reason you might expect. Here's what that was.

20_03_31 Fingers flipping a die that says short and long with dice spelling term next to it _GettyImages-1134479990

3 High-Risk, High-Reward Dividend Stocks to Add to Your Watchlist

If you are looking for a fast-growing dividend, this trio has you covered. But there are risks to consider as you examine these three companies.

18_04_26 Two people looking at a computer with a stock graph on the screen _GettyImages-821825672

Why AMC Entertainment Dropped as Much as 13% Today

Investors don't need any more bad news to justify dumping shares of the movie theater chain.

20_05_26 A woman raising her arms in triumph in front of a computer _GettyImages-1144287268

Why Apartment and Investment Management Stock Plunged 86% at the Open Today

The landlord made some changes to how it operates, which really aren't that big when you step back and examine what's transpired.

19_06_05 A man with the word risk and a bag of money balanced in front of him on a simple balance with an umbrella over the whole _GettyImages-1058471606

1 Reason I'll Never Sell W.P. Carey

The reason I'll never sell this REIT may sound simple, but there's so much more to the story of what makes this a great stock.

20_05_13 A man visibly upset with computer screens with stock charts on them in the background _GettyImages-1130771131

Why DoorDash Stock Fell 12% in the First Hour Today

The newly public company's shares have been trickling lower since its big IPO roughly a week ago. That's not shocking.

20_11_24 A woman in a movie theater eating popcorn _GettyImages-1181742605

Why AMC Entertainment Stock Cratered 23% at the Open Today

The story at AMC keeps getting worse, and now it looks like vultures are starting to circle.

19_06_05 A street sign that reads where to invest _GettyImages-808812132

Better Buy: ExxonMobil vs. Chevron Corporation

Which U.S. oil giant would be a better fit for your portfolio? The answer is increasingly obvious, especially for conservative investors.

18_02_08 A hand drawing the words risk and reward on a scale _GettyImages-476022888

Why Seritage Growth Properties Stock Plunged 11% at the Open Today

Shares of retail-focused REIT Seritage Growth fell after another big top-level change was made. Here's what you need to know.

20_10_27 A man and a woman on a seesaw _GettyImages-1081951250

Why Core Laboratories, SM Energy, and Kosmos Energy Rallied as Much as 12% Today

Energy stocks from across the spectrum rose along with the key products the sector produces. Here's what you need to know.