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Marshall Hargrave

Marshall Hargrave


Serial entrepreneur, startup junkie, registered investment adviser

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The Pipe Dream That Is A Sears’ Turnaround

Eddie Lampert's plan of aggressive asset sales and cost cuts could be destroying value, rather than turning around the retailer.

The Best Dividend in Telecom Isn’t AT&T

The number one dividend stock isn't in the U.S., and offers a more than 7% dividend yield.

Why Las Vegas Sands Is Still the Best Bet

Despite the recent weakness in Macau, the best casino investments remain those with the most exposure to the bustling region.

Searching for Value in a Beaten-Down Industry

When an industry has seen as large a pullback as retail apparel has, that's likely to attract private equity investors who are interested in buying up distressed companies.

Is It Still Worth Betting on Big Tobacco?

It looks like big tobacco is getting smaller, but which company should you own going forward?

Why This Hedge Fund Is Excited About Walgreen

Couple an aging population with an activist investor set on boosting margins, and this drugstore company could be one of the best investments around.

Is Coach Cheap Enough to Be a Value Play?

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Could This Beaten Down Tech Company Be a Good Takeover Target?

This cloud computing company has plenty of hedge fund interest, but what is the everyday investor missing?

The Best Way to Capitalize On the Chinese Film Industry

The film industry in China is in rapid growth mode, and the best investment isn't the stock you'd expect.

A Unique Investment in the Entertainment Space

Sports teams can be great investments in the entertainment industry, but there's only a few ways investors can own them. Here's the best way.

Will Staples be the Next Unexpected Turnaround in Retail?

The office supply industry has been left for dead to some degree, but value still appears present in the industry.

Buy This Beverage Game Changer Instead of Coke

The at-home beverage market remains in its early growth stage, and one company is at its forefront.

Why AMC Networks Remains the Best Bet on Cable Television

In an effort to compete with Netflix, major media companies could consolidate to boost their negotiating power. AMC might be one of the first companies to get bought up.