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Sam Mattera


Sam has a love of all things finance. He writes about tech stocks and consumer goods.

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Wireless Carriers Are Favoring the iPhone

Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are offering exclusive plans to Apple customers.

Microsoft Just Added an Important New Feature to Windows 10

Skype comes to Windows in the form of three separate, simple apps.

This Analyst Thinks iPhone Sales Have Peaked

KGI Securities believes Apple's smartphone could be about to experience year-over-year declines for the first time in its history.

Meet the Next Members of Alphabet Inc's Billion User Club

Google Photos breaks the 100 million mark less than 6 months after its debut.

Microsoft Wants You to Ditch Your Mac for a Surface Book

The Windows-maker goes after Apple's customers with a website promoting its latest product.

This Promotion Shows How Microsoft Corporation Thinks About Mobile

Forget Windows Phone: Microsoft is using apps to win.

Meet the Smartphone Maker Killing Apple in China

Huawei is the top Chinese handset vendor, and the world's fastest-growing smartphone maker.

Is Alphabet Inc About to Release a New Operating System?

Google claims it's not getting rid of Chrome OS, but recent reports suggest it could be about to deliver a new version of Android for desktop PCs.

This State Senator Just Called Herbalife Ltd. a Pyramid Scheme

Proposed legislation could make it more difficult for the multi-level marketing firm to operate in New York.

Critics Love Microsoft's Surface Book

It may not be the ultimate laptop, but it's close.

YouTube Red Gives Alphabet a Big Advantage Over Spotify and Apple Music

Google Play Music, the search giant's streaming music service, is included with every subscription.

Microsoft Corporation Doesn't Care About Xbox One Sales

Investors shouldn't anticipate Xbox One unit sales reports on a regular basis.

Samsung's Giant Tablet Isn't an iPad Pro Killer

As Apple courts enterprise customers, the Galaxy View aims to replace your TV.

3 Reasons Microsoft Corporation Stock Could Fall

Office competition, slowing cloud growth, and disgruntled hardware partners could take a toll.

5 Things Electronic Arts Inc. Management Wants You to Know

There will be more Star Wars games, but don't expect Battlefront 2 in 2016.

This Study Highlights a Major Problem with Alphabet Inc.'s Android

Delayed updates often leave many Android devices vulnerable to major exploits.

Alphabet's Latest Smartwatch Partner Isn't a Tech Company

Fossil's Q Founder is an Android Wear-powered watch from a more traditional watchmaker.

Verizon's Exclusive Droid Turbo 2 Could Challenge Samsung's Galaxy Note 5

The Droid Turbo 2 should provide Verizon subscribers a compelling Android experience.

3 Reasons Microsoft Corporation Stock Could Rise

Growing demand for the Surface, a more profitable search engine, and greater Office 365 revenue could all help the Windows maker.

Microsoft Corporation and Intel Corporation Are Spending Big to Get You to Replace Your PC

A new ad campaign aims to entice consumers to upgrade their aging computers.