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Cory Renauer

Cory Renauer


Cory is a long-term minded analyst focused on the Healthcare Sector. He genuinely enjoys cutting through the complexity to help everyday investors make better decisions.

Recent articles


5 Reasons to Buy Clover Health Stock Right Now

After decades of effort, electronic health records could finally get an upgrade that allows them to work as intended.


Coronavirus Vaccine From Novavax Is 89.3% Effective

Results of a U.K. study suggest that an easy-to-distribute COVID-19 vaccine from Novavax is effective against the new variant.


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This biotech stock is jumping, but what should investors expect from its new skincare treatments?


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Intuitive Surgical: Buy the Dip?

Pandemic-fueled clampdowns on nonessential surgeries in key markets upset investors today.


Pfizer and BioNTech to Supply WHO's COVID-19 Vaccine Program

The partners could supply the WHO with coronavirus vaccine doses for lower-income countries.


Eli Lilly's Antibody Reduces COVID-19 Risk by 80% in Nursing Homes

Results of a clinical trial suggest pre-emptive treatment with bamlanivimab can prevent COVID-19 from spreading through nursing homes.


3 Healthcare Stocks That Could Make You Rich

See why you can count on these businesses to grow your nest egg.


Where Will Pfizer Be in 5 Years?

What's in store for America's biggest pharmaceutical company and its shareholders?

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3 Biotech Stocks That Jumped Last Week

Find out what led to the biotech industry's biggest gains.


Is Regeneron Stock Heading to $590?

Rapid expansion beyond the Eylea franchise is causing analysts to raise their ratings on the big biotech.

Should You Buy Zomedica Stock Right Now?

A booming market for pet care could push this soaring stock even higher.


Sanofi Spins Off an Industry-Leading Business

After divesting its active pharmaceutical ingredient segment, the slimmed-down company will have more time to focus on developing new blockbuster drugs.


bluebird bio to Spin Off Its Oncology Business

The biotech will then focus on its rare disease programs.


Here's Why Sarepta Therapeutics Lost Support on Wall Street

Disappointing trial results caused a flock of analysts to drop their ratings on this biotech stock.


My Best Biotech Stock for 2021

Here's why the biggest biotech IPO of 2019 outshines all its peers.


Pfizer Stock: A Top Bet for 2021?

A new coronavirus vaccine isn't the only reason to buy this big pharma stock right now.


UnitedHealth Group to Acquire Change Healthcare in $13 Billion Deal

The acquisition will bolster the software and data analytics services that operate behind the scenes to lower overall costs.


FDA Opposes Diluting Coronavirus Vaccine Doses From Moderna and Pfizer to Boost Supply

The recent suggestion from the Operation Warp Speed task force has been rejected due to a lack of clinical evidence.